Business Extends A Helping Hand

One of the most influential people of Kazakhstan, Bulat Utemuratov, is constantly in the media eye. He almost does not tell about his private life and does not do interviews, but the interest of the mass media to the figure of a successful entrepreneur with a fortune estimated by Forbes at 2.6 billion dollars does not fade. Successful transactions, the restoration of previously unprofitable objects of national importance, the development of the production, services, and telecommunications by creating new promising enterprises become press events. However, more and more often the name of Mr. Utemuratov is mentioned in connection with charity projects implemented with the help of the investment group Verny Capital and Utemuratov’s personal foundation Asyl Miras.

A significant contribution to health care

Using personal funds and attracting sponsors, the businessman finances projects of enormous social importance, for example, studying disorders of the autism spectrum, as well as the possibilities of effective adaptation and development of children diagnosed with ASD. Asyl Miras foundation holds international conferences where specialists from different countries can exchange experience and up-to-date information in this field. In Kazakhstan, Utemuratov Foundation opened six centers, which provide direct assistance to children and their parents: consultations, rehabilitation and adaptive activities. With the help of consultants, the activities of the centers are being improved, and specialists are being trained at the local level.

Social activity

Mr. Utemuratov has been heading the Tennis Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 10 years already. With his assistance, athletes from the Republic of Kazakhstan are entering the international level. The businessman invests in the development of infrastructure: building courts, the organization of schools and clubs, holding competitions. Utemuratov’s investments in tennis and national teams (youth and adults) amounted to more than $65 million.

In 2017, Asyl Miras signed an agreement with the Red Crescent Society, according to which the charity foundation transfers funds to payment cards of Forte Bank, and the Red Crescent employees distribute them. Such a system of financial assistance has already allowed for rapid and effective transfer of funds to those affected by floods in the East Kazakhstan oblast in the spring of 2018.

In addition to providing assistance to those who need it most, Bulat Utemuratov’s Foundation invests in personal scholarships for talented students, develops education and sports, because caring for the young generation is the most effective investment in the future.

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