Choose and Implement New Control Measures for Risk Assessment

On the off chance that the risk is not, enough controlled choose which new control strategies are required and guarantee these techniques are actualized. The control measures are the activities performed to lessen either the likelihood of the mishap happening or the seriousness of the result and where conceivable both. While considering what measures to set up it is imperative to consider both seriousness and probability, keeping in mind the end goal to limit the general risk.

When choosing what new control measures will be required, it is useful to work through the ‘progression’ of controls. The progressive system is as per the following:

  • End – dispose of the risk through and through
  • Substitution – trade one risk for something more improbable or serious
  • Physical Controls – division/Isolation, dispense with contact with the peril
  • Managerial controls – safe frameworks of work, leads set up to guarantee safe utilize/contact with danger
  • Data, guideline, preparing and supervision – caution individuals of danger and tell/appear/help them how to manage it
  • Individual Protective Equipment – dress them suitably to lessen the seriousness of mishap

Control measures ought to be handy and straightforward (what to do and why they are doing it), appropriate to the danger, ready to diminish the risk to worthy levels, satisfactory to the workforce and simple to work.

After you have executed the new control methodology, at that point re-rank the risks as above to decide the new remaining risk, you should mean to get the risk to as low as is sensibly practicable until the point that it is at a middle of the road level.

Record the Assessment

Keep duplicates of the assessments for your records and for examination by the HSE should they ever be asked

Screen and Review

You should guarantee that the control measures are accomplishing the coveted level of control. You should audit the assessment all the time or on the off chance that anything changes e.g. new staff, change in apparatus or process.


You have a legitimate obligation to transfer the discoveries of the assessment to everybody who is influenced by it. You should likewise give data to the workforce on any new control measure actualized, any crisis techniques that have been produced and their obligations as representatives


Get a couple of individuals to check your risk assessment format; other individuals may spot something that you have missed, likewise begin an enlist of risk assessment so you can discover them rapidly if necessary.

On the off chance that you are searching for an instant Blank Risk Assessment Template click here for points of interest.

Note all data and exhortation is given in compliance with common decency. I cannot acknowledge any duty regarding your consequent demonstrations or exclusions. In the event that you have any questions, inquiries or concerns, you should allude to the important controls or call 0114 244 4461 for advance proficient exhortation.

Risk Assessment Methodology:

There are 8 stages of doing a risk assessment layout;

  • Distinguish the dangers
  • Distinguish those at risk
  • Distinguish existing control measures
  • Assess the risk
  • Choose/Implement control measures
  • Record assessment
  • Screen and audit
  • Illuminate

Distinguish The Hazards

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