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The share market is always volatile and highly unpredictable. One cannot say when will happen what. Hence those who love to trade in this market need to be extra alert. However, it does not mean that people do not earn from trading in the market and particularly from the intraday segment. In this age, a number of traders prefer to go for the intraday trading as it has less risk, less investment and opportunity to earn good profit in limited time. The only condition here is one needs to settle the position on the same day and cannot carry forward the transaction. If one goes for rolling of the same on next day also, the transaction is converted to delivery one, and hence the brokerage rate gets changed.

The brokerage and broker:

In this market, the role of the broker is pivotal. He is the service provider that connects the exchange with an individual trader. He helps the trader by offering his trading and account opening services. The trader needs to pay him a charge on every transaction which is known as brokerage. In this market, one can find a full-service broker and a discount broker. The full-service broker offers other services also which are not provided by the discount brokers, but the discount brokers offer the service at low cost or low brokerage which can help the bulk trader to a large extent. Hence one who deals in this market in bulk loves to have an account with any of the top 10 discount brokers of the market.

How the discount broker helps the trader?

This broker also helps the trader to open an account and trade on his platform with a good limit, but he takes less amount as his brokerage and hence the trader can save good amount as this charge. For the traders who love to deal in a huge volume, it is important to have the best features and facilities as far as trading is concerned. They need high limit and trading at rocket speed as the market can have momentum which one must cope up. The traders here are provided offline as well as online trading support by the broker, and he gets brokerage from the turnover made by the trader.

However, this amount of brokerage is lower than that of the market rates but still due to the high amount of transaction the broker can earn a good amount as part of his brokerage. The saving of the trader for the brokerage can help him increase his volume which again leads to more turnover than before and hence result in more brokerage to the broker. Hence this circle leads the broker to have more revenue for the same services which the full-service broker may not get. In the market, this is the pattern on the basis of which the discount brokers offer their services that play an important role to the bulk trader. The discount brokers focus on trading services only and do not offer other services which can divert them.

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