How to Carry Your Plants when you are Moving Inter State

Plants are an integral factor to maintain a healthy environment at home. They not only enhance the décor, but help purify your living air. While plants are such adorable asset of your home, moving them can be a big hassle, especially when you are moving interstate. The distance as well as the pressure of moving in time, while taking all your possessions along can be terrifying. Considering the fragile nature of plants, it becomes even tougher to take them along. In this post, we are sharing a few tips on moving plants that will help you cut short the trouble and take your green possessions along with utmost care and safety:

Hire a company that moves plants:

There are several interstate moving companies USA that we happy to move plants. However, there are some others as well which do not have such provisions. As a responsible plant owner, you must discuss this aspect of your move with the facility provider in advance. If the company is happy to carry your green load, ask them for any provisions that they suggest for making the move easier.

Prune those large assets: 

If you have large plants, moving them can be cumbersome. To make sure the move is smooth, you must prune the large plants to make them smaller and fit into a box. However, when you do so, make sure the season is right and you know how to prune without damaging the plant. Ask for expert help if you aren’t sure about your pruning skills.

Ditch those terracotta pots and say help to plastic:

While terracotta pots are the best way to give your green plants a healthy life, they are also fragile. The shocks on the way can harm them and the damage would surely be sustained by the plants as well. To avoid any damage to the plants, shift them to plastic pots which are more durable for such moves. You can later transfer the plants back to the terracotta pots once you hit your new place.

Fix them:

Expert moving companies suggests that while moving interstate, you must safe guard your plants in a card-board box. Smaller plants can easily fit in a box and you can further secure them by adding an extra layer of protection with plastic sheets. This will make them tight inside the box and they won’t startle with a shock.

Check the climate before you move: 

Not every plant can grow in every climate. Before you move your plants, check whether they can adapt to the climate change or not. If they cannot, you must donate it to your neighbor or donate it in a park or nursery.

These are some of the incredible ways to safely move your plants during an interstate move. Keep them in mind and protect your green assets from any damage. However, if you have hired the best packers and movers in USA, you may rest assured that the plants will be best taken care off by the experts.

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