Investment Opportunities: Expansions in Sales and Marketing for New Start-ups in India

Money is the prime source of making wealth. You have to invest to increase the scope of making more money. The latest item on the horizon for the investors is investing in new start-ups and also in established companies that show good growth. Here are some companies in India doing sales that you will find interesting.

The market scene in India is expanding with new ventures using the funding from public and private investors to create new avenues for growth. Here are some of the new funded Sales and marketing companies in India that give a pointer to the way the markets go. Investors can pick the company they think will grow the most and make their investment.


Avaamo is expanding its sales and marketing channels with the latest round of funding led by Intel Capital. Its main focus is in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it will explore the demand for this in the current Indian scenario. They raised $14.2 million in this funding which saw Mahindra Partners, Wipro Ventures, and Ericsson Ventures take part.


This reverse auction venture is in Bengaluru. It recently got $221.18K in seed funding from Omphalos Ventures India. With this funding, Arzooo plans to expand its operations to the top ten Indian cities within the coming year.


Based in Bengaluru, Cashkumar is a lending platform that raised $737.33K in a funding round. It will now expand its activities to more cities (as many as 15-20) and begin marketing campaigns. It will also use the money to meet the regulatory norms allied to its expansion work.


Another start-up from Bengaluru, DheeYantra is a conversational chatbot service. They plan to expand their services to more cities by expanding its sales and marketing campaigns. They got an amount that is not yet undisclosed from the CIIE Initiatives. They plan to make feature additions in the coming months such as support for vernacular languages in India and also worldwide.

Impact Guru

This is a non-profit crowdfunding platform based in Mumbai. Venture Catalysts and Apollo Hospitals Group led the funding that led to $2 million. This funding will go towards scaling crowdfunding in India. They will do this by enhancing the technology platform they have and improving the sales and marketing.


This automobile marketplace recently got funding to the tune of $30 million led by Digital Garage and Toyota Tsusho Corporation. Based in Gurugram, it will use the funding to add strength to its market position. It will offer scalable versions of its ecosystem tools while expanding its operations worldwide. This is one of the best funded recently Sales and marketing companies in India.


The initial investors Wavemaker Genesis, BlockWater, and AlphaBlock Investments finished the private funding for SpringRole based in Bengaluru to the tune of $1.3 million. This start-up deals with job-listing and plans to use the funding to hire professionals with Blockchain technology.

Investments are best made when the company is expanding its operations. There are many opportunities but the ones you use will pay you. So, get your company to invest in and begin to grow.

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