Organizing a Self-storage Unit to Enjoy a Hassle-free Experience

Self-storage units are boon when it comes to storing all the things that you do not need immediately. However, if not maintained and organized, accessing these storages can be daunting. Imagine yourself in middle of a room filled of all sorts of items.

Will you be able to find something you need without making a mess? To prevent such situations, it is better to keep your self-storage organized right from the start. In this post, we have compiled some tips to organize self-storage units for a hassle-free access:

One size fits all:

While many would believe otherwise, choosing one size boxes for all your items is very useful for organizing a self-storage unit. With same sized box, it is easy to stack and access items in time of need. You may choose medium size boxes as they are apt for storing most of the items.

You may like to have large boxes, but then you will have to keep them at the bottom and taking anything out of them would be a task.

First thing first:

Identifying your items is important to ensure easy access. You must put aside items that you will need first from the items that are less frequently used. Pay attention to seasonal items and plan storing them accordingly. A few things that you will need more frequent include:

  • summer winter essentials
  • Outdoor supplies including sleeping bags, tents, stoves, gears, etc.
  • Kids items like toys, bicycle, etc.
  • Holiday items such as decorations, bakeware, etc.
  • Tools and machinery
  • Office documents

Label all the boxes:

You must already know this. Labeling your boxes is a great way to make sure you can access the storage hassle-free. Label all the sides including the top for ease. Mark boxes, that contain items that you would need frequently, differently and also keep them in the unit at last. You can also use detailed labeling if you have time to save it later.

Make a master item list:

Make a list that has entry of all items that you have put in the storage unit against each box number. It may appear like a daunting task, but trust us, it will ease your future job.

Whenever you need an item from the storage, all you need to do is check the master list and pick the particular box. There are many digital tools that allow you to keep a tab on your belongings in the storage.

Plan a layout for organization:

You can even plan the layout of your unit to make sure you keep things at the right place for easy access. Search for self storage St. Petersburg that offer a pre-decided layout plan for easy organization. This way, you will have space to store as well as to walk in the storage unit.

Organized self-storge units can save you a lot of time. These are some amazing tips that can help you organize your self-storage for an easy and swift access.

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