Schuh Closing Its German Stores: Focus Is on the UK

The footwear retailer Schuh is shutting down its 3 German stores to place its focus on the business the company is running in the UK, Ireland, and the Channel Islands. If you want to know the reason why the company is doing so and find out who can help you with PayPal micropayments UK, just follow the lines below.

Schuh Closing All of Its German Stores

The footwear retailer has 3 German stores in Oberhausen, Ruhr Park, and Essen. All of them are going stop operating starting from June 22. However, this doesn’t refer to online sales: customers will continue to make purchases through the German online store.

Apart from these 3 stores, Schuh has 133 stores in the UK, Republic of Ireland, and the Channel Islands. Germany was the 1stEuropean market where the retailer started its business after deciding to expand outside the UK and Ireland. In Germany, the 1st store opened in Oberhausen. Then, came Ruhr Park, and Essen in 2016.

Why did this happen? According to the company, the reality has changed since it opened its 1st store in 2015. On the other hand, the impact of Brexit is playing a significant role as well.

Schuh Focused on the UK: NeedPayPal Micropayments UK?

Schuh was established in 1981 with its head office in Scotland. According to managing director of Schuh Colin Temple, they feel sorry that they won’t continue to be part of the Schuh/Genesco family moving forward. As temple notes, the markets have undergone major changes in today’s ever-evolving retail landscape.

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To sum up, the footwear-retail company Schuh is ending the operation of all its 3 stores in Germany by June 22. The company has decided to concentrate more on its businesses in the UK and Irish markets with the purpose of expanding them.

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