Silly Invoicing Mistakes That a Cloud Accounting Solution Will Save You From Making

Getting paid is often the most exciting part of any job; there’s nothing more rewarding as a freelancer than seeing your business thrive. While rewarding, there are often delays in receiving that payment to begin with.These delays can happen for a variety of reasons. Your client could forget to pay you on time or hold back payment until you kick up a fuss. Yes, these clients exist!

For small businesses unable to afford the delay in getting an invoice paid, this can be invaluable. cloud accounting software for small business applications provide real-time services for all of your employees no matter where they are. This allows them to issue invoices out in the field to your customers without making simple and trivial mistakes.

Cashflow Mistakes That Can Kill Your Business

1) Forced Growth

2) Spending Too Much on Sales

3) Incorrect Calculation Of Profitability

4) Ignoring Seasonal Nature of the Business

5) Sleeping Over Late Payments or Overdue Amounts

6) Improper Management Of Taxes

7) Ignoring Credit Score

Tricks That Can Improve Your Accounting

  1. Easy payments via billing software integrations
  2. Tracking COGS and marking profit and loss
  3. Discovering how FreshBooks can manage projects
  4. Absolute control of synchronization errors
  5. Customization you had no idea existed

The best accounting and invoicing software


Merchant’s provides world’s best cloud-based business operating system for all office operation needs of an MSME. We are Award-winning Free online accounting software free for small businesses and accountants in India.

Quickbooks Online  If you need a more comprehensive bean-counting solution, there are premium options that will handle invoicing and bill payments as well.

Freshbooks  Freshbooks has recently emerged to be the chief competitor to Quickbooks.For that you get unlimited invoices and up to five clients. You also get unlimited phone and email support as well as the ability to accept credit cards.

FreeAgent     It’s easy to see why when you look at the application’s beautiful graphic reports and rich feature set.In fact, some people consider the number of features to be a liability Users who aren’t familiar with bookkeeping might be overwhelmed.

Wave  Wave offers a double-entry bookkeeping and financial statements. It also lets you upload bank statements and credit card statements to make your life a little bit easier

Brightbook  Brightbook is another accounting solution. It handles invoicing, basic accounting, bills, and multiple currencies.

Xero   It’s also affordable best accounting software. For that, you get all the features you would expect with any other accounting solution. Xero is also a great option for entrepreneurs with customers all around the globe as it supports multiple currencies.

SimplyBill    SimplyBill lives up to its name. It also gives you the ability to see which payments are overdue at a glance.SimplyBill is free to try for 14 days. Simple Invoices  Simple Invoices is an open-source solution “developed by the community, for the community.” As the .org domain name implies, it’s also non-profit (read: free). Beyond that, the service lives up to its name.

Develop the right mindset about getting paid      

It’s common for small business owners to initially feel cowed into a feeling of subservience when it comes to asking for payment – particularly in dealings with larger organisations.

Keep  correct records of your work

 Keep track of the time and materials expended on a client’s project and make sure you invoice for everything!Use time-tracking software and time-sheets if you need to record the number of hours or days spent on a project. Be sure to record all Bills of Materials too. Some software will handle this for you.

Be human when you invoice

It seems like a small gesture, but often talking to the people in the accounts departments of the companies you’re invoicing can make a difference. All it takes is a polite phone call to introduce yourself as the primary contact for payment matters.

Invoice foreign companies

Your business may have clients in other countries. And even if your client’s office is in the same country as you, their bank might not be, especially if they’re a multinational corporation. Standard bank account numbers are designed to allow bank transfers within the same country, so they won’t work for transfers between banks in two different countries.

The right currency to invoice in 

The most important things to consider are bank charges and exchange rate fluctuations.Banks charge fees to send money in different currencies, and their exchange rates are rarely the best available. Good accounting software will allow you to account for invoice payments in multiple currencies and to/from different countries.

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