Streetwear Branding 101: How to Sell More in Classified Ad Sites

Are you planning to sell your streetwear clothing on a classified ads site? If so, you’re in the right place to learn some things about playing it nicely in the online market. Craigslist is a haven for thrift shoppers or people who want to save some dime when shopping. However, the site is also notorious for bogus sellers, bogus products, and even weird and odd sellers and products. Simply put, almost anything and everything you can think about is on a classified ads sites it is, it is important on your part to be wise when selling your stuff, specifically clothing pieces, on the site.

Whether you are selling your streetwear piece because you are moving out or just need extra income, it is necessary that you practice courtesy, honesty, and good business when using Craigslist. The following are some of the perennial rules of thumb when placing an ad on any online-selling platform:

Don’t overestimate – Even if you are not a fashion appraiser, you should get the price right. As a seller, you must know that you are not selling a brand new item but a used one. This being said, you should make a close appraisal, if not accurate, so the item you are selling is priced reasonably. You should keep in mind that you want your item to be sold and not to be criticized by trolls on the web.

Make your ad clear and concise – Some online shoppers are overwhelmed with the kilometric description of ads; all they want is a clear and concise description of the item being sold. As a seller, it is your duty to put all the details on your ad so possible purchasers will not be confused or will not lose interest in buying your clothing piece. Information that you put in your ad should include your contact details, and the concise description of the item like name of the manufacturer, date of purchase, the reason for selling, and defects (if any).

Be honest – The Internet is full of posers, scammers, and trolls, but this does not mean you should join this depressing trend. Instead, you should keep your word – always. When selling your streetwear brand online, it is important to be honest so that your reputation as a seller will not be tarnished. As a seller, your reputation online is the same as your power to sell. If your reputation has been stained because of being dishonest, it is safe to conclude that you also lose your chances of selling your items.

Take quality pictures – In most classified ads sites, the photos of your item are your main selling point. If you post blurred or awkward-looking photos, your chances of getting a call about your item soon are slim. If you are going to post photos on your ad, make sure that every detail can be seen. It is wise to spend some time on photography in order for your item to become more noticeable online. I don’t have any background in product photography, learning the basics from a friend or a colleague who has the eye for taking good pictures would save you time.

Selling fashion pieces on a classified ads site can be an exciting and tough activity. The anticipation of someone contacting you regarding your ad can be both thrilling and stressing. However, if you follow the mentioned tips, your chances of selling your item online can be considered a done deal. Online-selling websites like eBay are great online platforms to sell your products, but if you are doing your ad the wrong way, you may have a hard time selling it.

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