The Best Side By Side Refrigerators Review And Prices

It does not matter if you live in a big or a small house, you will have a kitchen and certainly a refrigerator. As you can’t really survive ion take away and microwaved meals for a long time, you are going to invest in a fridge with a freezer for storing and keeping your food fresh and healthy. A side by side fridge especially from a premium brand like Samsung is great for people that have large families. They have two separate partitions on one side is the freezer and the other one is a fresh food segment. This is one of the most famous designs with multiple advantages. Here we have for you the review with refrigerator price list, let’s have a look:

Samsung RF56K9040DP TL: This refrigerator had to make it to the top of our list. The capacity is 655 liters but the stylish design and numerous features make it worth the money, even though it is on the expensive side. It has multi-flow cooling technology with foldable shelves. Has a unique auto ice maker and humidity control option as well. It is priced at INR 138,000.

Samsung RS21HSTWA1/XTL: This frost free refrigerator is the best in its range. It has a capacity of 600 liters and comes with a 4 stars rating that makes it energy efficient. It comes with five shelves and weighs 108 Kg. Has a metallic finish that gives it a classy look and comes with features like a door alarm and quick freezer zone. It is priced at INR 84,500.

Samsung RS21HST: This frost free refrigerator has a capacity of 581 liters. It weighs 121 Kg and comes with five shelves. It has an amazing silver finish that gives it a luxurious feel. It has a door alarm and quick freezer. The refrigerator is priced at INR 84,500.

Samsung RS552NRUA7E: This refrigerator has the capacity of 545 liters and has a dimension of 912 x 1,789 x 700 mm. It weighs a 112 kg and has a stylish silver and grey finish. It provides excellent cooling, the only negative being it has a three-star rating, which doesn’t seem too bad but we expect more in this price range. It is for 87,000 INR but you can surely get it on a discount online.

Samsung RS55K5010SL: This 604 liters capacity frost free refrigerator weighs 110 kg. It has two shelves the stylish recess handle makes it all the more luxurious. It is priced at 59,999 in India and is the best budget-friendly side by side fridge that you can find.

So these were the best side by side refrigerators review and prices. Almost all of the refrigerators mentioned have a three-star or higher rating, thus making them energy efficient. This feature becomes crucial as side by side fridge do go higher on power consumption when compared to double door refrigerators. So what are you waiting for, get any of the ones listed above and have more storage for your food and beverages?

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