The Revolutionary AvoChair for Ergonomic Back Support

Ergonomic back support is listed in many office chairs around the digital storefronts that take up much of the internet. The problem is that many offer something they cannot actually provide. Cheap solutions to the serious problem of back support in the office are not going to cut it when years of work starts to take its toll on the body. So what makes an office chair ergonomically supportive and allows it to be worth the money and energy of busy employees?

Must Haves for an Ergonomic Chair

A few key features to look for in an office chair for adequate back support are armrests, a tall backrest, and adjustability. The first two may seem optional, but it is nice to have the option to adjust armrest features, as well as support more bodies with a tall backrest. If the user using the chair in the office is short, the tall backrest does no damage, but if someone is too tall for a traditional office chair, the lack of support needed to sustain a work day is detrimental to their productivity and physical health.

Adjustability is key for ergonomic office chairs. More often than not, the only adjustable features on a chair will be backrest tilt and the height of the chair itself. In few brands do users have the options to adjust headrests, backrests, lumbar support, and even armrests. One brand seeking to get rid of the uncertainty in shopping for office furniture is Autonomous. Their product, the AvoChair, is a prime example of the features many look for in an office chair for modern support.

The AvoChair’s Broad Range of Support

Support starts with comfort, and the AvoChair is covered in a lightweight mesh material that keeps users comfortable all day long. Instead of a leather that heats the body and makes it feel uncomfortable to sit on over the course of the day, Autonomous designs their chairs with a mesh material that is equal parts breathable and supportive. Comfort has never felt so ergonomic as the AvoChair’s bold design.

Additionally, the tall back of the AvoChair provides users of all shapes and sizes the ability to experience full ergonomic back support without the worry of a mediocre seating experience. To ensure the comfort of all, the AvoChair is designed to feature a waterfall front to its design, as well as supportive and heavy base to allow for mobility and security while users sit and slide in their wheeled office chair. Back problems should be a thing of the past with the AvoChair, as users of every age and body type note the design as being influential in a better working experience.

Shop Autonomous for the Future in Office Furniture

Autonomous is an ecommerce innovator that has found a way to improve the traditional office chair for the better, and forever. For millions of office workers around the world, office chairs fail to provide the support and comfort needed to sustain long days staying seated. Rather than look for jobs without a desk component, of which there are few, a new office chair is a prime solution to a timeless problem. There are countless options on the market, but Autonomous has the best selection of ergonomic options for anyone shopping for an explore it now.

For a better option of seating at the workplace, the AvoChair provides support and sustained comfort that does not disappear as the minutes turn into hours at the desk. The entire line of Autonomous office chairs, desks, and products provide affordable options for workers everywhere. For full bulk purchases to equip entire offices with Autonomous products, discounts and assembly solutions are available.

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