Tips To Increase The Revenue Of Your Supermarket

Are you looking forward to increasing the revenue of your supermarket?

Well, we are sure you want to, so let’s get straight to the point and talk business, shall we?

  1. Know your customer’s needs

Make sure you know your customer’s needs and provide them with the perfect solution so that they never leave your supermarket dissatisfied. To increase the revenue, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think what would pique their interests. Keep in mind that, it is a customer who will determine the success of your business and not you.

  1. Provide suggestions

Sometimes a customer might get confused with different products. If that’s the case provide them with suggestions. Teach your sales personnel to understand your customer’s needs and build a good rapport with them. By maintaining the purchase history of a customer you can build a healthy customer relationship and provide them with better options when they are at the counter next time.

  1. Reduce waiting time

One of the biggest reason customers avoid coming to the supermarkets is long queues. Not to mention these queues seem to go on and on when there its peak time or a festive season. One way you can reduce these long queues is by putting up additional checkout counters.

Nowadays everybody uses credit/debit cards or E-Wallets to make payments. So better update your checkout counters with the latest type of payment method and save valuable time for both you and your customers. The digitised information of your inventory stock, accounts, and customer data with multiple payment modes will make the checkout process easy.

  1. Come up with combo packs

Customers find it easy when the purchase process is simplified for them. Combining various products together in one combo pack will increase the chances of them r making a purchase. For example, you can combine various grooming products in a bundle and sell it at a slightly lower price than the total combined price. This way you can gain more customers and ensure they keep visiting your store to purchase such combo packs.

  1. Special offers for regulars

A customer feels valued if you pay attention to them and their purchase habits. Appreciate your regular customers by giving offers, bonus points and by keeping them updated on upcoming flash sale by email or message. This improves their shopping experience and in turn, your sales.

  1. Get bigger carts

Customers feel frustrated if they have to carry heavy baskets all around and will want to leave the store as fast as they can. This ruins their shopping experience. If they are provided with bigger carts, they will take time exploring your supermarket and put in additional stuff in their carts. A half filled cart sends a hidden message to the customer’s mind that the cart is empty and they can make additional purchases.

  1. Seek customer’s feedback

Ask your customers about their shopping experience. Did they find the product they were looking for easily? Were the sales personnel helpful enough in pointing them in the proper direction for their requirements? How can you improve their shopping experience? If they are too busy to give a feedback, ask whether they can send it over an email. Let them take their time to provide you with an answer and don’t be too pushy. Getting an honest reply from customers will help you improve your services.

  1. Change locations of items

De-clutter your shelves of items that are not selling at the moment and store them in heavy-duty plastic storage boxes for future sales. You can also go ahead with a trial and error experiment by changing locations of some popular items on a monthly or quarterly basis. This way when customers search for it, they will pass by some other products and add those in their cart as well. You will be amazed how some products gain popularity, with a mere change in location.

  1. Be updated about your inventory and business

Every supermarket has to manage inventories. Your money sits on the shelves and represents a bigger piece of your business investment. A businessman who simply watches the shelves will not be able to maintain the right balance between customer demands and the right amount of stock. Manage your inventories and business with the help of these on the go mobile applications.

If you are falling short somewhere, ensure you make up for it by making necessary changes. The happy you keep your customers, the more sales you will make. Make their shopping experience unique and you will end up getting more customers through referrals.

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