Top automotive tools available in India

If you are the one working on your vehicle then do check out some of the great and most affordable automotive toolsets that will make things easier. Automotive tools are the best friend of every mechanic, if you are into the same field then this is for you, some of the best automotive tools are:

  • Bearing puller: this tool has reversible claws attached with a center forcing screw that allows them in removing bearings, gears, and pulleys. There are three claws attached into themselves that makes it stronger and increase the strength, one of the varieties is off with two legs.
  • Tubular spanner: it has two ends attached with a socket on both the ends. It has a tri facial rod perpendicular to each other so if one end goes inside the socket panel other two makes T shaped the structure and helped to apply more pressure.
  • Spark plug spanner: this is a double ended hex socket having swivel head type. These are specialized box spanner used for fitting spark plugs within an engine in most confined places. Specially designed to provide into a lawnmower, automobiles industries, and other engine repair works. Most of the sockets set these days to consist of one or two spark plug sockets. It is having zinc finish on the outer covering.
  • L-shaped spanner: it is similar to with Allen wrench having socket on one end, it has L-shaped body generally used as a handle to twist or turn the bolt quickly. Also used in some household activities. Usually made up of carbon steel, looks bright chrome in silver or black color painted with powder coated for firm gripping. It could be purchased with or without lever.
  • Cross wheel spanner: this is in a shape of a cross, have four legs. These are designed in such a way that it has four sockets located at every end of the leg of the tool. All four socket are of different sizes and are hexagonal for fitting nuts and bolts. This is one of the conventional models as used in industries because it has four in one size sockets.
  • Cross wheel spanner: this is another type of cross wheel spanner known as its reinforced version, having four faces with socket attached at the end of the four legs and has a ring at the cross of the legs which provide extra support and pressure on to the bolt.
  • Wheel spanner: it has two ends both are attached with the socket of different sizes and come along with Tommy bars, having a Tommy bar is could be chosen if you already have that in the toolbox. Socket has a hole in which Tommy bar could be inserted and works as a handle and help to fasten the nuts and bolts.

Some of the best automotive tools are made up carbon steel metal and available in both polish and matt finish. These tools are mostly made in Bright chrome, silver or black color with the while power coating.

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