Use of the Tubular Battery for Your Home and Office UPS Unit

An integral part of any solar grid, the battery helps store energy. It remains connected to the solar power grid and draws the energy from the solar panels. This power undergoes conversion into chemical energy and gets stored in the batteries.

Types of Batteries in Use –

The batteries used for storing the energy is of two types – tubular batteries and flat plate batteries. In the tubular battery, the active material is sealed inside a tube. In the flat plate battery, this active material is pasted on the surface of a plate. Tubular batteries do not have shedding or corrosion. This gives them a long life.

We use sealed lead-acid batteries 95% of the time for the UPS units. This is because they need no maintenance. For your tubular battery online purchase visit the website of the supplier. You can pick the model you want after you decide how much power you will need to run all the appliances in your house or office. Posted plates are flat, positive plates in which the active mass of lead oxide gets pasted on a mesh grid.

Structure of Tubular Batteries –

Tubular batteries use the frame structure which consists of a number of vertical spines connected to a horizontal bus bar.  In the tubular design, the active material is pressed together mechanically onto the grid during operation. Lead acid batteries are commonly used since they are invertible and produce large amounts of current. They do not weigh much and the cost is also low. Maintenance free batteries are the sealed lead acid batteries. The drawback is that they are costlier and have a shorter lifespan.

The tubular batteries are efficient and popular because they have a longer operational life and are more efficient. The maintenance needed is minimal. One must not use low-efficiency local batteries in combination with your solar power grid or UPS backup as this will damage the circuit and the UPS unit.

Choose the Amount of Power You Need –

Selection of the battery depends on the time for which the power supply will remain down. This will depend on the number of devices you want to run and the power needed for each device. In a normal situation, you will need the power backup for 10 – 30 minutes. This is the time needed to shut down the systems after saving files and creating backups. For the tubular battery, online shopping in India come to the website of the supplier. Here you can see all there is by way of batteries and solar power accessories.

Many people invest in the solar power grid because it pays back within three years or so. The life of the solar panels is 20 years at least. It makes sense to invest in a renewable energy source since it protects our environment. They are not polluting since they use solar energy but one must take care to dispose of the plates carefully once they have run their course.

Most of the small and medium-sized companies have made investments in a UPS system. The capacity of the inverter battery will depend on the power rating of the UPS unit.

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