Why it makes sense to go with a discount broker?

As an investor you are entitled to numerous benefits when you avail the services of discount brokers. If you are seriously thinking of working with a discount broker then the following points would be of immense help.

Low commission

The major benefit of working with a discount broker is low commissions. The moment you work with a full time broker for each trade you execute the commission is on the higher side. For example he is going to take a major percentage of each trade. The moment you are working with a discount broker this is not the case. They are going to help you execute the various trades at a fraction of a cost as you would have got it done from a full time service broker. The overall savings in the costs of transactions is going to lead to higher amount of profits.

No pressure

Another positive of working with a discount broker is you are not going to be pressurized by the sales tactics associated with the traditional brokers. The moment you are working with a full time broker they are going to force you to purchase certain stocks from time to time. They are going to give false promises as their major focus would be to increase their commission structure. The moment you end up working with a discount broker they are not going to provide you with any form of unbiased advice. They are going to charge you a flat fee for each transaction and they are not bothered about what stocks you buy and sell. If you do not like to be pressurized then working with a discount broker would be an attractive option.


Of late the discount brokers have turned a new chapter in the financial domain. Most of them provide access to top quality research material contributing to better investment decisions. As they allow you to invest on their platform them extent all possible helps so that your decisions are spot on. Ideally you should be able to hop on to any trading platform and conduct a research about the type of company where you are planning to invest. In fact this would allow you to make informed decisions and in the process only the best of stocks can be selected.

Direct access

Another notable feature of discount brokers is direct access to the market. On the trading platform you are going to execute your trades in a direct manner. There is no need to make a phone call or drop in an email to the stock broker each time you are planning to buy or sell a stock. Just log on to the platform and with the click of a mouse you can execute the transactions with ease.

To conclude depending upon your investment needs you can opt for a full time or discount broker. If you are an individual who has ample amount of knowledge about the stock market then a discount broker works out to be a worthy choice.

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