Necessities Of Every Writer

The raindrops powering on those green leaves resembling pearls adorning those dark green leaves, a cup of coffee and a pen in hand, you are all set into your writer mode. Almost every writer be it a regular writer or a freelance content writer dreams of the same setting. This is one of the common instances or dreams that occurs to writers.

A pen, a notebook and a cup of coffee, the setting is fit for writers. You must have heard the very famous line, ‘A pen is mightier than the sword’. Yes, to an extent it is very true. But there are other tools to that all the regular, as well as freelance content writers, carry wherever they go.

Just like a stethoscope is one of the important tools of a doctor, law book for a lawyer and a swimsuit for a swimmer, there are many tools that are crucial for writers.

Let us take a look at these tools:

  • Pen

    A good writer and a journalist is the one who has the habit of carrying a pen. The pen is a very important tool. It is through this that emotions are transformed into words and spread across people. Freelance content writing is one of the highest paying freelancing jobs in India. Although we live in a digital world today, yet pen has not been removed from the list for its great value, it remains to be as important as it was in the 90s. You may come across any good idea or some inspirational figure and you may want to note down something right there, in such a case pen would do the job.

  • A small diary or a notebook

    After you have a pen, you need something into which you would mention your brownie points. Yes, owning a diary or a notebook is good for a writer. It is another crucial tool. As mentioned above, you may want to note down something at any point of time for which you need a notebook too! You can use a piece of paper but you may lose it. Thus, a diary or a notebook is the best option especially when you are in the mood of penning down a collection of poems or a story.

  • Coffee

    Since a freelance content writer or a novelist or any other writer needs to write for several hours, they need to freshen themselves up. For this, coffee is the best mood elevator and freshening agent. If you feel a little low or are running out of ideas, do not get stressed. Relax, grab a cup of hot coffee and go for a stroll. You will certainly feel better and your fatigue will vanish after a cup of delicious coffee.

  • Magazines or Newspapers

    Newspapers and magazines give you information about the current happenings and the latest trends. It through newspapers and magazines that you get to know new words every day that enhances your vocabulary. You also get to know about the current tone of writing. The lucid but a good language attracts many readers. Magazines can also help writers get ideas from the stories or other content published in them.

  • Pocket dictionary and she thesaurus

    Being a freelance content writer or a poet or any other writer means you have to keep abreast of new languages. Others see writers as an ocean of words and synonyms and yet others look at them as grammar Nazis and they should be. They should have that knack of writing, the crunchy words and crisp language can do wonders. Thus, owning a dictionary is very important. You can look up new words and use them in your work.

         In this digital era, writing is an occupation which is still rooted in its ground. These necessities are what every writer loves to carry!

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