Best WordPress Portfolio Plugin – 2019

To create a portfolio website there is many built-in-functionality WordPress portfolio themes are available. Basically, we use themes to handle the visual appearance of our website and this includes colors, styles, layouts, and presentation of our content where WordPress portfolio plugin are the proper way to add functionality to our WordPress Site such as slider, contact form, etc. Since adding a portfolio is functionality so we add this functionality with the help of a plugin.

Portfolio themes are basically ties with the website and if we try to change the theme then we will lose our portfolio data. Maybe our data is still present in our WordPress database but it is not visible with the new theme.

On the other hand, if we use plugins, then we use it with any themes and there is no loss of data appears if we use it with any other themes.

Now Take a look at 5 best WordPress portfolio plugins 2019:-

  1. Essential Grid- It is basically a grid plugin, which is used for making portfolios. But if we think about portfolios most of them, are grid based. We can create many types of portfolios using this plugin.

One of the easiest ways is to just upload images and create what is important for a gallery of our work. With the help of Essential grid, we can also create a grid from posts and post types for portfolio items and then use the Essential grid to display that content. The essential grid also supports players fro both videos and audios.

The essential grid also provides many templates that we can use to create more interesting portfolios layouts. And if you don’t like those templates then we can also use a visual builder to create our own template.

  1. The Grid – It is also a grid plugin, which is used for making portfolios. This grid plugin has lightbox functionality.
  2. WP Portfolio – This plugin is specifically known as WordPress support portfolio plugin. It uses a more traditional lightbox approach.

Some of the other relevant features are -:

Without a page reload WP Portfolio also includes the filterable tags functionality that lets visitors filters portfolio items. Here in this, we can also include search functionality for large portfolios.

  1. Media Grid– It is a grid plugin which provides an option to put our portfolio items in a flexible grid. In this, we can also add a search box in our portfolio display, which is helpful when we want to display an especially large portfolio.

Media grids support three types of portfolios images, audio, and video. In this, we can also create our portfolio items from static content- like a specific set of videos and audios or we can also use dynamic content. In this, we also get tag filters and search box. It also provides its grid builder.

  1. Go Portfolio – It is also a popular portfolio plugin. It provides many pre-built WordPress themes. Basically, Go portfolio provides us 38 pre-built portfolio themes.

Go portfolio is also a grid-based plugin which can include images, video, and audio.

One of the important features of this plugin is that it provides a unique thumbnail and lightbox types for Images, Videos, and Audios. This plugin provides many design options like 2 filter types and 4 default styles.

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