GRE exams and different sections of exam

GRE is an abbreviation for Graduate Record Examination and it is an examination conducted to test different types of skills in graduate students. Some students want to study further in world-reputed universities. Such students should prove their proficiency in different areas. They should appear for the test that is held in various test centers. This paper may be paper-based or computer-based.

About GRE exam

The different types of skills that are tested in students are vocabulary skills, analytical skills, reasoning, and mathematical skills. The students should pass in each section to become eligible. Any graduate student who bears an excellent academic record and also skills in different extracurricular activities can appear for the examination. The students can score 340 marks maximum in this test. But, if a student scores higher marks in this test, they cannot directly become eligible. They should also prove their proficiency in other fields.

The sections of the GRE test

They should attempt four questions namely the analytical reasoning section, verbal and quantitative reasoning. In the analytical section, the students should complete two tasks. They should be able to analyze an argument. The students should complete this section in 30 minutes. In the verbal section, they should answer 20 questions. They should complete this section in 20 minutes. The quantitative section should be completed in 35 sections. They should answer 20 questions in this section. This test is conducted and administered by Education Testing Center. The AIWA provides grade from 0.6 to 0.5. In the quantitative section, the students can score grades from 130 to 170 points. The verbal section grades are from 130 to 170 points. Quantitative aptitude is one of the important section and the students should prepare for this section rigorously. The GRE quant questions are difficult and hence the students should prepare well for this section.

Quant questions

The quant questions include different topics such as ratio and proportion, data analysis, simple arithmetic concepts, concepts such as selling price, cost price, discounts, etc. The students should be familiarized with the mathematical concepts that are relevant in organizations. The students should score 130 to 170 marks in this section. The vocabulary is also one of the challenging sections and the students should be familiarized with several unusual words. They should prepare well for all the sections and the mentors can prepare them rigorously for the examination. In the analytical section, the students should attempt an essay question. So, the mentors prepare them well for all the sections. They teach them several ways to build vocabulary. When, they learn the skills of vocabulary building, and then they can understand the meaning of the words clearly. The students should undergo online training to cover the syllabus and learn every concept clearly.

The mentor also prepares for GRE quant questions so that the students learn the mathematical concepts clearly. They can attend 60 hours of training and clear their doubts. The mentor uses advanced HD and analytical tools to explain the mathematical concepts. So, they can clearly understand the concepts. They provide them with study material, AWA essay review handbook, and access to clear their doubts.

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