Mistakes Aspirants Make While Preparing For Ssc Cgl 2018 Tier 1 Exam:

SSC CGL Exam 2018 is going to be conducted within a month’s time from now and aspirants are busy in the last moment preparations. Since little time has left and out of examination fever some aspirants tend to make mistakes while preparing for the exam these are:

  1. Not knowing the exam pattern and syllabus

Most of the times, it is observed that candidates start preparing for the exam without knowing the latest exam pattern and syllabus. It makes the preparation aimless and ruthless giving no result. They only realize after taking one or two mock tests and thus they lose their confidence.

  1. Ignoring the methodological facet of the exam

Aspirants must disseminate themselves with the technological aspects of the online exam system. Working in pen and paper mode and with books can certainly help you learn the concepts and gain speed but don’t wait for the eleventh hour, do it now.

  1. Preparing for various exams concurrently

At times aspirants prepare for SSC CGL /banking and other exams simultaneously. It is highly recommended to take care of the exam pattern and syllabus of all of them as each exam has a different way to judge the aspirants. Some exams are analytical, concept-oriented or practice-oriented. Better know the exam pattern of all the exams before starting their preparation.

  1. Referring to several books/sources for a single subject

You have to be definite with the study material for SSC CGL Exams. You should avoid studying from more than one book or study material or online platforms. Follow only one reputed resource of your choice and be thorough with them.

  1. No advance planning in studies

Planning is the stepping stone towards any aim to be accomplished. Plan effectively so that you are able to touch your target. Make a proper strategy and plan to cover the syllabus in time and practice them regularly before the exam date. In case you have not planned anything then you tend to fail in all your efforts.

  1. Not giving inclination to all subjects

Focus on all the subjects rather than sticking on your favorite one or your best subject. All the subjects are equally important thus you should study all of them. You may get SSC Coaching in Dehradun for getting better results in Exams.

  1. Depending only on short tricks

Short tracks are easy to solve if learned and practiced properly and thoroughly. But taking it lightly does not make any sense and you tend to make more mistakes. Therefore short tricks should be practiced after learning the basic concept behind it.

  1. Not preparing notes

Self-made notes are the best guide as you have prepared in your own way to understand it better. Develop the habit of making short notes to revise the topic as and when you feel any weakness in your concepts.

Hope you will take due care of your exam preparation and will not commit any such mistake to make your exam preparation worthless and ruthless.

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