Buy CSGO Prime Accounts and Start Playing Ranked in Prime Matchmaking

CSGO, just like any other competitive game for today’s gaming community, has been a longstanding victim of hackers. Hackers in any game, are basically disgruntled or malicious players who would rather resort to illegal software to help them get an upper hand rather than a win of their own accord. In CSGO, hackers generally use software like aimbots, wallhacks, ESP and a variety of scripts. This helps them locate enemies through walls, aim automatically to their heads, run or move faster than normal and much more that is essential, cheating and unfair for others in the game. With this rise in a number of hackers in the CSGO gaming community, more and more players have resorted to buying prime ranked accounts or using a prime account of their own in order to play ranked in prime pools instead of normal ones. The would rather wait the odd 3 or 4 minutes it takes in finding a prime match than play ranked in normal, non – prime matchmaking pools.

Prime matchmaking, is basically a pool for players with prime accounts to queue, either as the solo or in duos or squads. Since it is exclusive to players having prime accounts, those with non – prime accounts would never be able to play ranked in them, and would rather be diverted to normal ranked lobbies or pools. All this is quite essential for rooting out hackers from the matchmaking lobbies, and also ensure that players have a consistent, quality – based matchmaking experience, than one filled with rage and frustrations. Players buy CSGO prime accounts just for this experience, as they would rather shop prime ranked account rather than play ranked in normal matchmaking

Why is it so effective for players to just buy CSGO Prime Accounts in Counter-Strike?

  • Prime accounts in CSGO are basically accounts which have been verified, that is, linked with a unique mobile number of each player. This way, that account is unique, and in case it gets banned, the same number cannot be used to verify a different account for prime verification purposes. By using such an authenticated account, players are allowed by a valve to specifically participate in prime matchmaking, comprised of only prime accounts.
  • Hackers in CSGO are faced with a dilemma when they attempt to hack in prime matchmaking. Either, they hack too little too less, causing their hacking expertise to have no impact on the match whatsoever, or they hack too much, get reported, and get banned after going through overwatch. The only difference is, they won’t be able to hack again using the same account, and would not be able to use the same number either. If they want to play again, they would need to go for CSGO prime accounts for sale and use them to play in ranked prime.

This makes prime ranked accounts so effective and choosing to buy CSGO prime accounts such a great idea for today’s players. They can effectively choose to dodge hackers in their matches altogether, provided that they buy prime accounts from a reputed site like buycsgosmurfs.

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