How to Encourage Yourself to Become a Musician

A career as an artist might not be a cake walk but it is the most fulfilling of all. Especially if music is the name of your first and last love then I can’t pin point a career more rewarding than that of a musician. It goes without saying that, a career as a musician is a road filled with challenges. There will be countless reason for you to give up. There will be people who will not believe in you or worse criticize you. Even in the industry there can be tons of people who look down upon your music or pass some snarky comments. Nevertheless, if you dream of people looking for your song when they type English Songs download or Hindi Songs download then you just have to keep yourself motivated. Keeping these negativity and distractions aside let’s talk about ways to keep yourself fired up and motivated for your dream career of a musician.

How to encourage yourself to become a musician

#1. Clarity of Goals

This is probably the most important of all. A clear cut goal that pin points what you exactly want to do, which type of songs you want to create or where you want to perform sets the ball rolling. You need to do some soul searching and try to answer why you were interested in this? Was it the breath-taking live show or that soulful voice of your favourite singer? Whatever is the reason that has set you on this path, make sure you remember that and keep yourself inspired to move ahead irrespective of your share of hurdles.

#2. Master your basics

Mastering your creative skills lends you the confidence you need to move ahead. Make it a point to religiously practice your music and get an expert level hang of your basics. Once you’re thorough with the basics, you’ll automatically gain the motivation to pursue your dream with more sincerity and discipline.

#3. Practice Positive Self Affirmations

It might sound clichéd but positive self-talk is definitely the most powerful and profound way to keep yourself excited about your career. Every time you begin your practise session affirm, “I’m so thankful to God for being able to pursue music as my full-time career”. Psychologist and Metaphysicians unanimously agree that when you keep repeating the things you want, your unconsciously send these messages to the universe. As a result, universe conspires to turn your dream into a reality.

#4. Visit live Concerts

As a music lover, live concerts are the sole way to witness the electrifying ambience the artist creates with his or her music. When you visit a concert you start re-imagining yourself in the place of the artist. Somehow the radiating excitement and fervour of the artist or bands makes those long-forgotten dreams come to life. To witness the live connection of the audience with every note of the singer and every beat of the drummer life somehow feels like a bundle of joy as the fire with you lights up.

#5. Practice Self-Discipline

Self-Discipline means doing a thing that needs to be done even when you don’t feel like doing it. In this cut-throat competitive world, you need to set goals, have deadlines and sincerely meet with them even if no one is watching. You must show integrity and move in a disciplined and persistent way towards your goal.

#6. Contact a Professional Singer

Talking to a professional singer makes you clear some of the real time doubts which no one will be able to help you with. Besides that, the way a professional singer would be able to motivate you will be so much different and rewarding than that done by anyone else. He or she would be able to share tips and tricks to beat the odd and stand out in your glory.

Hence these were some tips you can follow to keep alive your passion for music and make a career as a musician. It’s not a usual thing that people are interested in music. Sure, most of the people enjoy listening to songs once in a while, although passion is something else. Music is a soul thing, a sacred connection that makes you one with everything harmonic in the universe. Nurture your dreams with care and never let your motivation to become a musician fade away. All the best!

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