How to prevent back pain while playing guitar

We have heard a very renowned phrase that is no pain no gain. This may seem to be an inspiring proverb but this kind of pain is inappropriate when we count it down on musicians. This pain is a signal that a musician is suffering from musculoskeletal problem due to his instrument. And this kind of problem can turn into a severe issue if not prevented or cured on time.

This kind of pain is usually noticed in the people who play guitar and this is due to their incorrect standing and sitting posture while carrying and playing guitar. We know prevention is better than cure so, why not avoid having pain rather than curing it. Let’s look forward for some key points that how we can avoid this pain while playing GUITAR:

  • Learn about the correct posture:

While sitting your back should be erect with your chest slightly sticking outwards. You need to keep instrument near you while playing it, make sure you bring that instrument near your body not your body near your instrument. Sit down and assume your regular playing position. Now, raise your fretting hand. If your guitar starts to wobble around, or worse still, does a face plant, then you’re probably not holding it right. While playing guitar the majorly pain equipped portion of our body is our shoulders, playing with your shoulder raised can create unnecessary pain and tension. So to avoid this, your shoulders should be still, nice and relaxed. Our standing posture while playing guitar is similar to the sitting posture.

  • Rehears smartly:

Concentrating and prioritizing a complex passage causes musicians to forget there alignment and which in return becomes the issue of tension which later takes a form of headache and body pain. So to avoid this try to copy or cut that particular passage or practice with intervals. Try to keep your mind free and relaxed while practicing difficult passage.

  • Focus on your whole body:

The two techniques which are worth learning are the Alexander Technique which was developed by Frederick Matthias Alexander, it is a way to feel better and move in a relaxed and comfortable way. The Feldenkrais Method, developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais which teaches us the self-awareness and improves functions and also helps to stimulate our thinking.

So these are some basic and important key points which we need to keep in our mind to avoid back pain or a bad posture. Play guitar for fun and also keep yourself fit. If you really want to feel the love and pain together, then try to find the key note of various songs like I hate this tenille arts chords, forrest grandpops uke chords, etc. Happy life is a healthy life. Happy Jamming!

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