Rank up Easier and Have better Ranked Games with Prime CSGO Accounts

The reason why Counter Strike Global Offensive has remained this popular, several years after its release, can be largely attributed to how the gaming community has always preferred competitive gaming. Competitive games are basically games which offers a chance for players to play, pitted against each other, with a clear winner and better position towards the end of the game. CSGO, offers exactly that because of its competitive rank – based system. It had always been a comfortable spot for professional gamers, but with the rank system, this game had become quite competitive for even the casual gamers sitting back at their homes. Players with ranked prime CSGO accounts eventually began to play ranked matches with a lot of interest and passion, as winning meant that they will be able to rank up to a higher spot on the brackets, and losing could get them deranked to a lower one. Since the game involves quite a bit of skill, it is imperative for players to team up, and win ranked games based on strategies, coordination and team fights. This can be seen quite heavily in ranked games, as it has a deep impact on each game’s outcome.

Hackers, in competitive games like CSGO, have ruined the gaming experience for the community to an extent. Hackers are basically players who resort to using nefarious, illegal means in order to ensure that they win the game. Since they can’t stand losing, the do whatever is necessary in order to ensure that they get the best position, the best ranks and spot on different brackets. For instance, in CSGO, hackers use aimbots, wallhacks, and various other scripts in order to ensure an easy win for them. These help them kill their opponents with relative ease and they don’t need to rely on any skill whatsoever. Valve’s including of prime matchmaking ever since the past few years has thus, made gaming a lot easier for those having prime CSGO accounts.

What are Prime CSGO Accountsand how do they help in Dodging Hackers?

  • Prime, in CSGO, is a term that’s used to donate accounts that are unique and verified. CSGO accountsare deemed as prime when the account holder links their account with the number their profile in steam is registered with. After having authenticated that account, the account’s deemed as prime by Valve. Any person wanting to make their account prime, must have a profile in CSGO above level 20. Moreover, they also need a mobile number to link their accounts with, and verify it.
  • Players having prime CSGO accounts, thus gain the opportunity to play in prime matchmaking brackets. In a prime matchmaking bracket, only ranked players having prime accounts are allowed, and thus, it filters out any CSGO gamer not possessing prime accounts. The ranked matches between prime and non – prime are completely the same, only that prime matchmaking is essentially, limited to those having prime accounts.
  • The process of making a prime account is quite lengthy, and each player need a unique mobile number to link with any CSGO accounts of theirs. As such, hackers generally prefer to limit their hack usage or not use them at all when they are playing ranked in prime matchmaking pools. Because if they get caught, they will be banned and they won’t be able to use the same mobile number again to register a different prime account.

Therefore, this is the reason as to why basically, people can dodge hackers if they choose to get prime CSGO accounts. They can buy prime accounts from online gaming websites, if they don’t have access to one of their own.

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