Unique Places to Hold a Momentous Party

Breathtaking moments are shared in parties. Birthdays flocked by family members, relatives and closest friends. Prom nights celebrate friendship and companionship over a stellar backdrop. Marriage unites two imperfect strangers in a perfect ceremony. All of these and more are captured in few hours but seemed to be celebrated forever. All of these have been rejoiced in different times, by different people but with one thing in common – a special place.

The setting of a party is critical in the celebration of parties. It affects all other aspects in your planning. Its proximity to your home and your guests’ residence can influence travel and transportation. It also influences your decorations, from backdrop to party rentals or event rentals, and the costs associated with it. It determines seating capacity, lighting, linens and other important parts of your celebration. And when it comes to planning, venue along with the date is always the priority.

For once in a lifetime, you can pick the perfect setting where you can celebrate in slow-mo the timeless memories you want to create for yourself or your family members. While the obvious choices are function rooms boasted by hotels, convention centers, restaurants and beach resorts, you can expand your horizons and choose a unique place this time. After all, this may be the first and last but it will surely leave a permanent mark in your lifetime.

So, what should be included in your unique list? Here are several suggestions.

Party Boat

Traveling several continents through a cruise ship is truly a dream to die for. But, no one really thought that you can also do partying in a commercial boat. If you have the money, you can even go for a more luxurious choice in a yacht. But, a boat large enough to accommodate all of your guests can surely sweep off your feet. It is your time to come aboard and ride a party boat navigating the sea under the sun or over a constellation of stars while partying. You can have the whole area exclusive at your disposal and some boats have catering services so you won’t need to problem food and beverage.

Exclusive Island

If you want to recite your wedding vows or simply want to pop birthday without the hassle of sharing space with other people and controlling noise, try to search for an exclusive island where the crystal clear sea is your endless boundary and the long shoreline of fine sand is your sanctuary. These private islands are usually accessible by plane or boat which makes it more exciting since you can already drop fun games or activities while traveling. The best thing about this is you don’t need to worry about external factors like noise, crowd control, and privacy issues when you have an island, even just for a day and night, that serves both as a celebration and vacation.

Airport Tarmacs and Hangars

If you fancy planes and wide space, then a party in an airport tarmac or hangar suits you. With thousand square feet of area, you can host your event even for thousands in the guest list. The high ceiling also allows you to include performances by aerial artists and another large staging. Not to mention that you can add model planes and vintage cars as your ultimate decors for an enormous event. Get those aviator shades ready for a wonderful ride!

Skyscraper Rooftop

The concrete jungle gravitates a large number of parties too. But unlike the mainstream venue, pick a place that will not just give you an advantage but also a jaw-dropping view of the city – the rooftop. This does not refer though to a rooftop from a low-rise building. We’re talking about giant skyscrapers. This open-air space gives you the opportunity to see the beauty of the concrete jungle, firefly-like city lights and the heavenly sunset melting before your eyes.


An indoor area, especially those that offer unique style, is still a go-to place for parties. One of the most exciting and still exceptional venues is to splash your guests in an aquarium. We love ocean parks and a big aquarium with sea creatures swimming in the deep water in the background is an exhilarating sight to see. And the fun doesn’t stop there. You can also host fun activities like diving, animal encounter and exhibitions.

Take your party a notch higher by choosing a one-of-a-kind venue where you and your guests feel exclusive, make an event matter and still do tons of fun activities. Happy venue-hunting and this time, choose somewhere unique!

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