Which Are The Top 10 English Songs of 2018

2018 has been an exciting year so far for music lovers. We have been treated to some of the jazziest and heart thumping tracks. The year has not only been dominated by big artists and rappers but also by upcoming musicians and indie artists.

This only proves that content is king and audience will only love a music for its content, lyrics, beats etc and not on the basis of whether a big singer or recording studio is backing the song.

It is still 4 months remaining for this year to end, and we can be no more excited for the songs that will be released in the coming months. For now, we have compiled a list of top 10 English songs which will transfer your soul to some other dimension.

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  1. Tore Bina by In Door Gharana

Tore Bina by In Door Gharana

  1. Belakondu by Sarvasva

Belakondu by Sarvasva

  1. Daag by Somnath Roy

Daag by Somnath Roy

  1. No Love by Sara Alina

No Love by Sara Alina

  1. Fly by Sara Alina

Fly by Sara Alina

  1. Am I Dreaming by Parikrama

Am I Dreaming by Parikrama

  1. Shine_A_Light by Melsi Barnett

Shine_A_Light by Melsi Barnett

  1. In The Rain by Pragnya Wakhlu

n The Rain by Pragnya Wakhlu

  1. Far Away by John Mpamei

Far Away by John Mpamei

  1. Apologies by Young Dirt

Apologies by Young Dirt

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