2019 Latest Kurti Designs patterns for Women

You must often be taken aback by the ethnic styles of celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Kangana Ranaut. Ever wonder that their style can be yours too?

To choose what kurti to buy or wear is not an easy task. You have to choose from the various types of fabrics, styles and patterns. Fabric highly depends upon what suits your skin and what you are most comfortable in. However, if the pattern is enticing, you do not think about the fabric and simply buy it.

For the change in the kurti fashion, the famous designer Manish Malhotra said, “What works for our Indian crafts is the mix of craftsmanship, culture, and a touch of modernity.”

Now, all you need to worry about is what design or pattern you choose to wear and when and what would serve your personality best. Clothing is no more about a piece of cloth cut and stitched into a square shape simply to cover one’s body. Clothing is all about expressing more than speaking. The colour of your dress could easily reflect your mood; the shape could reflect your amicableness and the patterns work just fine to mirror your personality.

We have listed below some of kurti patterns that you should definitely have in your wardrobe:

1)Stripes Kurti:

Stripes is one of the most common and oldest patterns. Horizontal, diagonal and vertical stripes of contrasting or similar shades could enliven your kurti. Highly appropriate for formal events, the striped kurtis also work best for a casual wear or on a daily basis. This pattern looks most graceful on fabrics like cotton, linen and georgette.


Tip: vertical striped, long length kurtis make you look slimmer and taller.

2)Polka Dots Kurti:

This on-off fashion trend is believed to be highly popular and remain high on demand in 2019. The pattern itself have a variety, depending upon the different sizes of the polka dots. There are kurtis with colourful or single coloured polka dots contrasted with the base colour of the kurti. Polka dots patterns reflect the funky and high-spirited personality.


Tip: Long length indigo base cotton kurti with white polka dots could help you upgrade your attire.

3)Ikat Kurti:

Ikat is a specific pattern that has witnessed a sudden hike in popularity and sales. This unique pattern has awed most of the women. Ikat is readily available in fabrics both suitable for winter and summer wear therefore, it makes this particular pattern the most important and convenient one for consumers. Like all patterns, ikat technique for creating unique patterns can be implemented for men kurtas as well.


Tip: An ikat cotton dress of length little longer than the knee is the perfect summer attire.

4)Floral Kurti:

When it comes to talking about kurti patterns or simply the clothing patterns as a whole, most minds linger upon the floral patterns. There is so much versatility and so much space for imagination and evolution available in floral patterns. The light-hearted mood, the bright personality and the adventurous nature, all of this can be reflected by one particular pattern- floral. The different flowers, the different sizes and shapes, all are interesting and enticing in their own way.


Tip: A short length, full sleeves, Chinese collar floral kurti with white base and vibrant shades of flowers paired with pants or jeans could make you ready for any occasion, just not your own wedding or of a close friend or family member.

5)Matka print:

A lovely pattern for the lovely ladies out there. This is the perfect blend of tradition, culture and modernity. The matka pattern was highly popularised. One in every ten females prefers a matka print kurti.


Tip: Matka print baggy short length kurtis look the most graceful in maroon, brown or grey base colours.

6)Animal print:

We saved the best for the last. Giraffes, cats, elephants, etc. all these animal prints look absolutely adorable. This is a modern and heart-warming pattern. Animal print kurtis of all lengths and colours work best for all casual and even some formal events. Animal print kurtis can be made out of any fabric and any design.


Tip: A cat print kurti dress of any length is a must for every college going female.

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