Things to keep in mind while buying men’s shirts from shirts manufacturers in India

Everyone knows how important shirts are for men’s wardrobe. Shirts are so lucrative and pervasive that one can wear them anywhere and at any time regardless of the event or the occasion. They are not only perfect for formal setups they are also perfect for the lesser formal and casual setups.

There are several types of shirts manufacturers in India ranging from various fabrics and cuts which are customized according to the needs and occasions. Therefore one should pay some real attention while buying shirts because if the shirt is ill-fitted or is not comfortable then it can ruin the entire look. so if one is planning to invest in good shirts then it necessary to have a clear idea about one’s size and fitting along with one’s choice and event.

Some of the things to keep in mind while buying shirts from shirt manufacturers in India are discussed below:


Never underestimate the importance of the right fit. If a shirt is not fitted properly then it can give an odd structure image of the body and can also make the wearing of the uncomfortable. To get a sleek and stylish look of the entire attire it is important to make sure that the entire shirt is well fitted and that are no loose areas or overly tight ones either.


There are usually two types of shirts, one is the fitted shirt and the other one is the straight cut shirts. Now the fitted shirts are the one which accentuates the entire torso in a way that makes it look stylish and suave. And one should make it a point to stay away from the straight cut shirts because they give a parachute effect in which one will get the effect of heavier tummy and torso.


While buying a shirt make sure that the fabric is comfortable and wearable. One may find many shirts which are though little cheap but they lack in quality of the fabric, therefore one will end up with rough and shoddy material after a few washes. However if one pays for a good quality shirt then one will end up with soft and smooth fabric which has the right amount of shine to it without any dullness which can make the short look old and off-putting.

Event and occasion

Always remember that shirts come in a large number of varieties. This depends on one’s choice of event and places one is visiting. There are fitted dress shirts for formal setups like offices, formal parties where one can wear them with a tux and formal suits and coats. However one can also choose casual shirts which can be easily worn with denim and in a un-tucked manner in darker colors and patterns which are perfect for simple outings, hangouts, vacations, brunches, etc.


While choosing the right fit and color, one usually end up ignoring the details like collar, buttons, and cuffs. One needs to keep in mind the fact that the collar should be upright and stiff and also the buttons should not be too shiny or blingy. Also always go for the shirts with simply cuffs instead of chunky ones.

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