Wardrobe Collection With Caftan And Sarong Woman

What comes to your mind if someone talks about the hot sunny days or summer months or just the summer season? The first thing that comes to our mind is the intolerable temperature and ways to bare with it, the seasonal fruits like litchi, mango, watermelon, etc. and cold delicacies like ice creams, pine and lemon juice, etc. But summers are not just about the preventive measures and food pattern, it includes a different dressing style, choices, pattern, and definitely trends.

With summer on the edge, what does one keep in mind while choosing dresses?

  • Light fabric
  • Lesser sleeves
  • Airy
  • Loose fits
  • Light colors
  • Absorbable material like cotton

Two common dress choices made by a woman during summers include “caftan” and “sarongs”.

Comfortable Caftan

Caftan or Kaftan is primarily a loose-fitting tunic or fabric that covers the body from the shoulder to the toes and both the arm. It has long loose bell sleeves that make it ideal summer wear.

It has an Asiatic origin and is made of different materials like cotton, silk, velvet, etc. It has a heavy borderline that makes it look vivid, unique and different. Once known as a symbol of royalty in the Eurasian world, caftan now serves as a summer trend in most of the western countries.

It is worn by the woman as beachwear and as essential wear for summer holiday destinations. Lured by its body covering yet airy garment, women never fail to include it in their summer dress list.

Other features that make caftan so popular during summer are:

  • Protects the hand and the body from the scorching sun, when not aiming for tanning
  • Variety of range, patterns, and colors
  • Great for hiding bulged waistlines, uneven skin tone, etc or new trends make caftan skin fit that brings out the body shape and figure
  • Helps your skin breathe during summer
  • High absorbent material helps absorb sweat

Wearing Sarong

A sarong woman is a piece of cloth wrapped around by a man or a woman around the body. Worn in and around the Eurasian subcontinent, it comes in a wide range of bright colors, patterns, and sizes. It uses Batik prints or tie-dying for the pattern. With increased technology, sarong now also consists of patterns prepared by digital prints.

They were worn by men around the waist and by woman starting from the waist and then covering the chest. With a shift from traditional to the modern world, the use and draping pattern of sarong has also changed.

In western culture, it is now used as beachwear over bikinis to cover the waist or for the photoshoots of the model. It can also be worn as different varieties of frocks, dresses, head wraps, stoles, etc.

The reason for its popularity can be Light fabric, Ideal beachwear during summers, Multi-purpose, Bright colours and unique patterns, Stylish and trendy.

The best when you look for these two summer outfits for women is with a wholesaler. A wholesaler is a bulk buyer of a particular material. A wholesaler caftan, sarong women may not just offer you a wide variety of products but can also provide them at much cheaper and discounted market rates. The material in the market and different stores are provided by the wholesaler, so there’s no compromise on quality.

So why not buy it from a wholesaler for just one thing that we all crave for – “a discount”?

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