A Brief Look at the History of Mikimoto Pearls

If you are a pearl lover, then you probably heard of Mikimoto pearls. It is actually a cultured Akoya pearl, which is tagged as the “Rolls Royce of pearls.” The term “Mikimoto” is a brand name of Akoya pearls.

The Birth of Mikimoto Pearl

Mikimoto was one of the Japanese men who first developed Akoya pearls. Mikimoto has a great advantage though because he is a marketer and a master entrepreneur. Before he became successful as a pearl jeweler, he first sold vegetables during the day and helped his father in the noodle shop at nighttime. His childhood has always been like that. When he was in his teenage years, he noticed the popularity of pearls. That enticed him to create culture pearls and sell them for profit.

His very first pearl was harvested in 1893, which is actually only five half pearls. The number is pretty small but is enough to inspire him to continue his passion in creating cultured pearls. In a matter of two years, he harvested more than 4,000 blister pearls and the rest is history. In 1900, Mikimoto opened his very own jewelry store, which specializes in selling blister pearls.

Eight years after, he built a factory for blister pearl jewelry. Three years after, he had 65 workers and earning almost $200,000. If you are going to compare the value today, it would be worth millions of dollars. His business became a big hit and so he decided to expand his market to the United States and Europe.

He also expanded his pearl jewelry stores. He had several branches in India, Japan, China, the United States, and even in some parts of Europe. Mikimoto’s legacy in the pearl jewelry fashion continues to live on. In today’s modern world, Mikimoto pearl is tagged as one of the best, finest, and high valued pearl jewelry pieces.

Mikimoto pearls don’t come cheap. They are expensive, but you will surely get your money’s worth. When buying a Mikimoto pearl, make sure you purchase from a highly reputable store. Check the quality of the pearl and look for an embossed letter “M”. It’s what differentiates Mikimoto pearls from the rest of the pearls today. Do not buy from an unknown source. Do your research well before making your purchase. Have the pearls checked by pearl jewelry specialist to make sure you get the real thing?

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