4 Facts Everyone Should Know About Thyroid Cancer

Every year about 54000 people get diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and most of them are in the age group of 30 to 45 years. The above facts have been provided by the American Cancer Society. This type of cancer is most prevalent among women. Men are not devoid of this disease as well. Older men are prone to thyroid cancer quite often. But do not panic, since the good news is that in most of cases thyroid cancer is entirely treatable if is detected at an early stage. This type of cancer is usually treated through surgery and most of the patients live and long and healthy life after their remission.

Essential facts to know about Thyroid cancer

If you are someone who falls in the specific category mentioned above, then read the following points to know more about the disease and how to cope if you have been affected by it. The facts are:

Symptoms of thyroid cancer:

This is a tricky part of this cancer since it almost has no trait at all. But you should check out the following points to be sure you are safe:

  • Check if you have a nodule in your neck or a lump in your throat or not. The buds can cause hindrance to you while swallowing food or breathing when you lie flat on your back.
  • Notice if you have undergone a severe voice change or not. In the case of a very advanced stage of thyroid cancer, a person’s voice changes abruptly. Hoarseness is a common symptom of this fact.

Prevention of Thyroid cancer:

There is no prevention of this type of cancer other than not exposing yourself to radiation. Other than that, no risk factor of thyroid cancer has been discovered yet.

Do not leave a thyroid nodule untreated

Thyroid nodules are widespread in postmenopausal females.50-7-% of them have buds which are benign in most of the cases. But, if you discover a bulge, then contact your doctor right now. Since there is about 5-10% chance that nodule could be malignant. The physician after observing the nodule could order a biopsy to make sure. Though these nodules, do not shrink they may grow over time. A large bulge could make your breathing very difficult.

If you have any of the following symptoms, then you would have to get thyroid cancer surgery Texas

The symptoms are:

  • A nodule that is larger than 4 cm.
  • A positive biopsy report for thyroid cancer.
  • Prevalence of multiple nodules, which is abnormal.

South lake General Surgery specializes in thyroid cancer surgery.

After how long you can recover from the surgery

Thyroid cancer surgery Texas is completed within one to two hours and most patients can go home within a day or two. You will be able to consume food and drink right after the surgery. You will have no problem taking a shower the next day after the surgery.

Though the word cancer sounds scary, but with scientific and technological advancements, thyroid cancer is very much treatable and without any fear you should consult your doctor. The best way to make sure if you have any abnormal growth or not, you should get a physical check-up regularly.

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