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Taking good care of your health before, at the time and after your pregnancy is highly essential. It helps you and your baby grow and develop naturally and keep both of you healthy. It is also important to ensure your little one gets a good start and have a healthy life. 

Good health of you and your baby also need proper nutrition, good habits before and after pregnancy. Furthermore, you have to consult with your health care provider or doctor from time to time along with appropriate tests. Here are some of the most effective ways to stay healthy during pregnancy. 

Care in the First trimester

Pregnancy undergoes usually three trimesters means nine months and divide into three trimesters. In the first trimester, you start to conceive your baby. In this stage, you should visit your doctor and he will draw your blood, go for a complete pelvic test and perform a culture test to inspect any kind of infection in your body. 

The physician also inspects the heartbeat of your baby and checks your overall health, your regular habits, previous pregnancy reports and conditions, and your genetic disorders. You would also go for a regular check-up of your weight, blood pressure and urine test for checking the sugar and protein in your urine. 

Besides this, your doctor also asks you to undergo a complete checkup including blood count test, Rh screening, Rubella viral antigen screen, syphilis test, HIV test, and Cystic fibrosis screen to check for cystic fibrosis. You will also undertake a painless ultrasound test, whereas sound wave allows you the movement of your baby. It also lets you know the due date of your pregnancy.  To know more about this, visit website.

Tests in the 2nd Trimester

In the second trimester, your doctor asks you for hemoglobin testing which measures the number of your red blood cells presented in your blood. The lesser amount of RBC leads to anemia in such cases your doctor will ask you for further treatment to keep you healthy. 

You would also go for glucose tolerance testing which will showcase the presence of diabetes symptoms in your body. Here your doctor will draw your blood for checking your blood sugar level after offering a sweet liquid. 

At this stage, your doctor should also carry out antibody screening which inspects if you are Rh-negative or not. If it comes positive then you may require RhoGAM injection around twenty-eight weeks of gestation. 

During this period, you should go for an ultrasound as well to check the anatomy of your baby. Here you will see the heart, limbs, and other crucial structures as well. The ultrasound also checks abnormalities and determine the sex of your baby. However, it is always advisable not to check the sex that is illegal according to law. 

Tests during the third trimester

In this stage, you will go through specific lab tests if you have a high-risk pregnancy and health issues like high blood pressure or diabetes or else your pregnancy is overdue.  

Other important checking and tests during pregnancy

Before your pregnancy, you also have to check the movement of your baby periodically. It allows you to check different patterns of your baby’s movement as it starts to grow gradually as compared to the starting period of your pregnancy. You can also witness the activities and inactivity of your baby such as rolling, kicking and squirming. 

If any time during your pregnancy period you are unable to feel your baby’s movement then lie down for some time or eat something you will surely feel some movement. If you are still unable to feel anything then consult with your doctor as soon as possible. Try to be safe all the time and whenever you feel any doubt immediately call your physician.  

Your doctor can also conduct fetal echocardiography to access your baby’s heart before birth. This test is being carried out mostly during the second trimester or in between eighteen to twenty-four weeks of pregnancy. It is just like an ultrasound test where you have to lie down and the doctor will perform the test on your belly or through the vagina. The test through your vagina is known as transvaginal ultrasound that provides a clearer picture of your baby’s heart as compared to the test on your belly. 

On the other hand, after months of excitement and waiting for meeting your baby for the first time is overwhelming and one of the best experiences of your life. However, you have to go for a repetitive test such as the CBC test, Rh antibody test, glucose-screening test as and when required to keep you in good physical shape.

Bottom line

Intense care is highly important for having a healthy lifestyle during your pregnancy. You have to make better selections and pay a visit to your physician frequently. If you go through regular check-ups and required tests then you will have a healthy pregnancy for sure. For more information visit website and keep you and your baby healthy.

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