Cheap Synthetic Urine Will Not Hide Your Party Weekend

If you know the difference between happy hardcore and glitch, then chances are you’ve had some great raves, and probably should be a little nervous about passing a urine drug test. But how can someone who enjoys life as much as you do, and is obviously not slow, still contemplating buying a cheap fake pee to try and pass a test?

Just like you want to know what is in your tabs, you want to make sure you know what is in your synthetic urine, the wrong stuff is going to mean a really bad time.

What Is The Danger Period For Ecstasy Users?

Although the effects of MDMA may only have lasted a few hours, the fact that you have used it will show up in a drug test for a bit longer. Presuming that what you took was actually Molly, not something mixed with bath salts, ketamine or worse, the ecstasy will generally be detectable in your urine for the next two days. This is also assuming that you have only taken one tab, if you have spent your entire weekend on MDMA, or if this is a regular weekend for you, then the build-up may mean that it is detectable for a little longer, and each weekend you add to that meaning chances are that the only day that a drug test won’t find traces of Ecstasy in your urine would maybe be a Thursday or Friday. Unfortunately, drug testing seems to happen on a Monday or Wednesday.

However, if your Molly wasn’t pure or was tainted with anything like bath salts, you may find yourself caught out, as bath salts may still be detected in a urine or blood test for three days.

If you are looking at a hair drug analysis the effects of your party weekend may still be showing a month or longer down the road.

The Ins And Outs Of Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is marketed for use by those wanting to pass a drug test. This is not its only purpose, but there are several states trying to make knowingly selling synthetic urine to someone who is only going to use it to pass a urine dope test an illegal act.

This is part of the reason why it is now possible to buy stuff that bears so little resemblance to urine that there is no way a lab technician wouldn’t spot is as a fake without even needing to run the standard tests, so there are many instances where using fake urine can hurt your chances of passing a drug test right from the start.

Actual human urine has some pretty unique characteristics, like containing protein that makes it bubble up when you shake it (go on, pee in a cup and see what happens – a sealed cup that is). It also has a particular color and smell. Although many people use a range of common items found in their kitchen to successfully mimic the color of human pee, trying to get the smell right is another thing altogether. If you’re feeling really game you could try a sniff test on the difference in smell between your urine and your dog’s urine, but trust me, human pee has a quite unique scent.

So, if you are going to go the route of trying to pass off fake urine as your own then you should make sure that you are using a product that closely resembles the real thing.

There are a few ingredients to look for that can indicate a questionable product, one of which is Albumin powder. This is a protein powder that can be formed from egg whites which is normally dried and can be included in a synthetic urine power to create the protein that creates the bubbles when the urine is shaken. However, albumin is a protein that is normally found in human blood plasma, and to find it in urine would indicate a urinary tract infection at the least, and if it is in high enough amounts would indicate serious kidney disease.

There should be distilled water as an ingredient if you are looking at a liquid version, and creatinine is a pretty vital component. This is a waste product from normally functioning kidneys that is excreted through your urine. Another ingredient that really should be found in urine is Uric acid. However, too much uric acid could be an indicator of gout or renal failure and may set alarm bells off at the lab. See here for research on separating these aspects from the Journal of Chromatographic Science.

It may also be possible to purchase dried and powdered, drug-free, human urine.

How To Use Synthetic Urine

You are likely to be looking at a powdered version of fake pee, but in order to use this as a substitution for your own urine you will need to follow the instructions on the packet. Each product will have a slightly varying amount of powder to water ratio, and if you make the mixture up wrong you will be caught out.

If you can use distilled or filtered water this is going to give better results than tap water.

You will also need to ensure that the sample is heated to the correct temperature. The normal range of human urine fresh from your bladder is close to 98.6 Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius). For the majority of drug tests you will find that either the person administering the test will check the temperature before sealing the specimen cup, or the cup itself contacts a temperate gauge that will set of an alarm if the contents are not the right temperature. Many of the synthetic urines on the market come in a kit that includes a heat pack for this reason, however you will still need to ensure that you haven’t made it too hot.

Once you have got your powder mixed properly and to the right temperature, all you need to do now is to swap it out when you get tested.

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