Combating the issue of shortness of breath when you are pregnant

Are you feeling that you are not getting a lot of air? Do you find that the ankles are swollen? All these are ample signs that the third trimester of pregnancy is well on its way. The first thing that you need to undertake at this point of time would be to stop worrying. Water retention along with shortness of breath is common when you are pregnant. The former goes by the name of edema and to certain extend medicine for respiratory disorders in pregnancy would provide you relief.

What are the main reasons which lead to the shortness of breath when you become pregnant?

Towards the last trimester of pregnancy, the developing baby would push the uterus against the diaphragm. From the pre pregnancy position it would move around 4 centimetres. At the same time the lungs also tends to be compressed. So when you are breathing you need to take as much as air that is possible.

In no way it would mean that the supply of oxygen has gone on to decrease. The hormone progesterone is released when you are pregnant. Though each breath is going to bring in less air. At the same time the air would stay in the lungs for some time so that the baby is in a position to extract the oxygen that it needs. The body is also known to pep up the blood volume during pregnancy so that the baby does get enough amount of oxygen

How you are planning to deal with shortness of breath when pregnant

Yes shortness of breath could be uncomfortable, but there are a lot of ways by which you can deal with it when you are pregnant.

Maintain good posture

When you are standing ensure your shoulders are straight with the head lifted


With exercise your posture improves and breathing works for the better. Since it lowers down the pulse rates, do opt for any regime after it has been approved by the doctor.

If the time has not been ok, it is high time that you start prenatal yoga. With extra stretching your posture could go on to improve as it gives more time for you to breathe.

Whatever form of exercise you are going to choose do not overdo it? Do listen to the body cues and what it is trying to convey.


Whenever someone is feeling a shortness of breath they need to relax. The more anxious you are going to become the more shallow breathing is going to become. When you need rest it is important to opt for it as well.

You need to listen to your body and when it is going to need a break as well. Once the baby descends on the pelvis the pressure on the pelvis is reduced to a considerable extent.

To conclude you need to be aware that nature has a definite plan for your body, but watch out for the warning signs in terms of shortness of breath.

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