Facts about a pregnancy due date calculator

Are you trying to work out when the baby happens to be due? With the help of expected due date calculator pregnancy things could become fairly easy. This does provide you with considerable relief rather than counting the number of days at your fingertips or with a calculator. Before you go on to use a pregnancy due date calculator you need some basic information. To start off you are going to need the first date of your last period. Take into consideration the fact that each and every woman does not have a 28 day cycle. In order to arrive at the monthly you need to count the date from the first date to the last date of the next period. Once again the point that comes to the fore is that an average cycle is 28 days.

Do you consider the due date calculator to be accurate in all aspects?

You need to be aware that due date is a mere estimation and only 4 % of babies are born on the exact due date. The tool could guide you on what to expect during the course of birth, but most of us will be aware on when the baby is ready and ok to move.

What are the chances the baby is going to be born on the due date?

The major fact that comes into the equation is that only 4 % of babies are born on the due date. The due date is calculated from the last date of your period. You go on to add 40 weeks or 280 days to it. For this reason it is stated that a paper can arrive a couple of days on either side of your due date. Just keep this date in mind and be prepared to deal with the outcomes.

How are you aware about the stage of pregnancy?

A typical pregnancy would go on to last between 37 to 42 weeks. To work out the exact due date would be tricky in terms of weeks or months, as pregnancy are calculated from the first date of your last missed period. In comparison to the pregnancy start date the baby is two weeks younger which goes by the name of gestational age. So when the doctor tells you that you are 4 weeks pregnant, actually you are at 2 weeks of gestation.

The evolution of a dating scan?

The dating scan also goes by the name of 12 week scan; the doctor would be able to guide you on the exact stage of pregnancy. In most cases a dating scan is undertaken between 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy. During this point of a scan, the sonographer is going to measure the length of the baby from the head to the bottom. This would give you an estimate due date of your pregnancy. This would also give you a fair indication in case if you are expecting twins or the development of a baby is taking at the right place.

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