Get Ready To Regain Your Confidence By Beard Transplant

If you are born without the genes and hormones to get and grow the full beard, not a problem! You were born at the right time as you can fix that problem. Thanks to medical science, as you can get the full natural beard. Many people do not know about the beard transplant, but yes it has existed for a while.

According to trend the beard look is on top of the list nowadays, and may people deal with improper growth of beard and many other beards related problem. So if you want to grow natural looking beard your best option can be beard transplant in India.

How beard transplant works

Extracting and replanting around 2500 hairs and one at a time is a lengthy process. But its not as long as it sounds. Hair transplant process can be completed in just 8-9 hours. The experts and their assistants give their patients oral sedation and anesthesia around the head.

After this, the hair is removed with FUE method one at a time. The short technique for follicular unit transfer. Previously the experts used to remove a thin strip of skin with hair follicles, which gives back the scar across the back of the scalp. FUE is not visible from the naked eye. After this, the doctor or the experts make the tiny incisions on the beard area to determine the direction, angle, and density of the beard.

When did the beard hairs grow back?

After the beard transplant, the patient will start receiving the natural growing beard in a few initial weeks. The doctor and expert will tell the patient about some guidelines for effective results. The patient can get back to a normal schedule after 1 day of beard transplant.

The patient who was dealing with the patchy beard will get the perfect grow of the beard from the next week of the treatment. And the one who has a lack of hormones and genes of beard will get the growth after some weeks of treatment.

Process of beard transplant

The beard transplant is done in the process. The process is explained down step by step

  • Hairline designing:

The first step of the beard transplant is hair designing. The expert design the beard area according to the patient’s choice.

  • Extraction:

Hair follicles that required in beard transplant are extracted from the donor area. The donor area is generally at the back of the head.

  • Counting of the follicle

The third step is counting if follicle. The number of the hair required and type of follicle required for the natural growth of the beard is counted.

  • Implantation:

The final step is implantation. In this, the expert or the doctor place the extracted follicles into the beard area as per the design selected by the patient.

As a good personality and look enhance the confidence of the person. To enhance your appearance and confidence by beard transplant in India at an affordable price. As you know about all the process of hair transplant so get prepare yourself according to it.

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