Is it Harmful to do Makeup at a Young Age? A Brief Analysis

Nowadays the parents are more concern regarding the beauty of their children. And they take the help of cosmetics products that are available in the market and claims to be the best. Whether the use of these cosmetics product is really good at this young age? Let’s have a look at this article.

According to health experts, the skin of the involuntary users means the children or the teeners groups are more delicate. They don’t have that ability to absorb the adverse effects of the chemicals presents in the cosmetics. Due to which the wrinkles and face lines appear at an early age on their face.

There are some parents who love to see their daughters all dolled-up for any occasion, for example applying lipstick and makeup, and it is nothing unusual. But, you must know that lips are basically mucous membrane which can absorb harmful chemicals present in the ingredients of the lip product. Also, research shows that mercury is found in most of the skin whitening creams which is being absorbed by blood which even damage the kidneys.

Apart from this have a look at the below negative effects of using cosmetics

Skin Infection: People of all age group suffers from skin infections. It has become a major concern among the people. To make their children attractive parents usually prefer using beautifiers which contains chemicals due to which the rashes and allergies grow on their face and creates trouble. These rashes are irritating and painful and on itching, they may also bleed.

Acne and Pimples: We have already discussed that the skin of the children is very delicate and fragile. It is 20 to 30 percent less capable of absorbing the chemicals which are present in the cosmetics. Due to which pimples and acne can be observed which further reduces the glow of their skin.

Damage to Internal Organs: The skin of the people of younger age group have delicate and sensitive skin. And the chemicals present in the ingredients of the product seep into the blood and harm the internal organs and tissues. Primarily, the tissues and the organs are in the developing stage and those harmful chemicals may even damage the growth of the tissues and the internal organs.

Damage to the Nervous System: The presence of neurotoxic and carcinogen is visible in cosmetics products like lipstick and kajal that has an adverse effect on our nervous system. It increases the blood pressure and due to which some abnormal activities may occur in you.

Early Ageing: It has become very popular among the teenagers and the children due to the excess use of cosmetics product. You may lose your natural look and looks older than your original age. If you use the cosmetics products on a regular basis you may observe wrinkles and fine lines on your face which is basically the indication of ageing.


From the article, I hope you can understand that the use of cosmetics should be restricted for the early age group. They should not be involved in the race of achieving beauty. But if in case, you need to use those products, then parents should know the dos and don’t related to the product.

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