Is It Safe to Use Powder Dye to Color Your Hair

There are several thoughts in the mind when it comes to covering the ugly gray hair. Considering the harmful effects of different toxic synthetics and PPD in most coloring products, people are highly cautious about choosing a hair color packet for the first time.

If you are also bothered with these thoughts, herein are some suggestions by professional hair colorists to help choose the best powdered blonde hair colour that yields astonishing results without causing any sort of damage.

Use Henna-Based Powder Hair Dye

For those who are about to color their hair for the first time requiring 100% gray coverage can pick up powdered hair dye made of all botanical ingredients. Such products are mainly composed of, henna, amla (Indian gooseberry), indigo leaves, Brahmi leaves, fenugreek seeds, madam, cassia leaves, etc.

How Long Does the Henna Hair Dye Last?

The henna hair dye offers glossy, healthy permanent color to your hair that typically lasts for about 4-5 weeks. While a lot of people may abstain from using messy powder hair colors, there are several reasons to give it a try.

Pure Herbal Powder Dyes are Blessing for Hair Health

If you are fortunate enough to get powdered Organic Blonde Hair Color, it is absolutely safe to use on your hair. There are no dangerous chemicals or toxic preservatives in such products. The organic ingredients like mehndi powder offer good conditioning for the rough and dry strands, amla is good for strengthening your hair from the roots and so on.

Using powdered dye to cover the ugly grays will additionally eliminate some common hair and scalp problems and help to grow healthy newer follicles in the future.

Organic Blonde Hair Dye is Safe for Hypoallergenic Users

The dye prepared with the choicest herbal ingredients is mild on the scalp and hair cuticles, bestowing shiny hues without causing any allergenic reactions.

What Should You Know Before Using Powder Hair Colors

While the benefits of using powder-base botanical hair color products are endless, there are still certain aspects, you must consider before using any such product.

  • Henna hair color may cause stains on the skin on your forehead, neck, ears, etc. Before applying the paste, create a thick coating of coconut oil on these areas to avoid any ugly marks.
  • Henna hair color may get lighter with time so you may need to repeat the process after 20-25 days.
  • It is difficult to apply other chemical hair colors on henna-dyed hair. For those planning to go lighter shades after henna may need to bleach their hair to remove the remaining traces of dye from the cuticles.
  • It takes about 4-6 hours for the entire hair coloring process using the herbal powder dyes.
  • You will get very few shades of powder hair color. If you really need something extraordinary, it is worth switching to organic gel hair colors.

Note: Even if you are using natural ingredients to color your hair, it is always recommended to take a patch test before use. If no irritation occurs after taking the underarm patch test, it means you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. If the product is suitable for use, you can proceed ahead with complete peace of mind.

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