Low Pull Exercise To Strengthen Your Back

The back remains a neglected area and many people tend to undertrain their back while doing weight training. Training the back muscles becomes very important as the back is responsible for mobility, movement and it gives support to your head, neck and trunk region. Having a strong back can also give you a strong core.

It also helps to firm up those stubborn obliques, which run from the sides of your abdomen. Doing the correct back exercises will make a world of difference in giving you functional strength and a strong, sexy, svelte back. The seated low pull exercise works well in giving your entire back region a thorough work out. Consider doing some other back exercises like back extensions and lat pulldowns for overall back strength.

How To Do The Low Pull Exercise

Before you commence with a weight-training program, make sure you consult with your doctor who should give you a clean bill of health before you start on a workout program. Start the weight-training programme with a lightweight that you can handle and then move on to progressively heavier weights as you become more confident with your workout.

Work On Your Form

Never do the low pull exercise without first consulting a fitness trainer on the correct form and technique. Let him/her show your first. Select the desired weight from the cable stack and plug the pin to secure the weight.

Lock Your Feet

Since you will be moving backward, your lower body should be firm, with feet firmly planted on the toe plate. Stick your feet in the toe plate to secure them and to immobilize your lower body.

Keep A Straight Back

Sit upright with knees slightly bent and the back arched and straight. Lean forward and grip the handle of the low pulley. Use gloves if you cannot get a firm grip. Place both your hands around the handle grip to get a good and firm hold.


Now pull the pulley towards you such that you sway slightly backward. However, ensure that your torso remains vertical. Do not stoop or hunch as this can injure you. Pull your elbows straight back as far as you can and retract your shoulder blades. Pause, holding the movement and feel the strain of the weight on your back muscles. Now slowly lean forward and bring the pulley back to its original position.

Reps And Sets

Beginners should select a low weight and do two sets of 12-15 reps. once you get confident and accustomed to the exercise, you can slowly increase the weight. This will help you to gain muscle tone and strength, which are crucial for your back muscles. An experienced weight trainer can aim for lower reps with heavier weights. Consult your fitness trainer for the same.

Exhale when pulling the pulley towards you and inhale when you leave the pulley, Pubg pc. Proper breathing technique is crucial to get good results. One point to remember is to give your back muscles a break after you have worked on them to avoid overtraining them.

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