Rules for Better Bench Presses

The bench press is one of the most common exercises in weightlifting. It offers excellent results to those who are doing it as it builds muscles around the back and chest area, resulting in an increase in their size. Those new to bench pressing may find it hard to use heavier weights, and pain may be experienced by those practicing it for a long time. Here are some of the things you should consider when bench pressing.

Proper Warm-up

Before bench pressing, you should spare some of your time to do several warm-ups exercises and routines. There are a few warm-up exercises you can do in preparation for your bench press exercise.

You can start by doing general warm-ups that help your body increase its temperature in its core. You can then go ahead and do some mobility drills, which are quite essential in increasing your blood flow to your muscles as well as your motion restoration. These mobility drills should be focused on improving your latissimus dorsi muscles and your pec minor and major muscles, which constitute your chest muscles. Lastly, you can do some dynamic stretching.Stretching helps your muscles function before you lift.

Envision the Bench Press as a Total Body Workout

It is perceived by many that the bench press workout is only beneficial for the shoulders, chest, and arms. You might be surprised that, when done correctly, the bench press can be a total workout as it involves your whole body when lifting the weight.

To involve your whole body when bench pressing, you should be able to generate as much force as possible, this can be achieved by firmly placing your heels on the ground. Your hips should be extending as you squeeze your glutes together before lifting the bar.

As you lift the bar, your grip should be hard while keeping your arms straight.

Your body will be forced to add more stress on your elbows, shoulders, and spine if you do not involve your entire body when bench pressing, and this is what causes pain when benching. You should consider visiting valkyrie-online  and get the additional help you need to achieve your dream body through bench pressing.

Use Dumbbells Occasionally

Dumbbell bench presses should be done regularly since they make sure that there is a balance of strength in both of your hands since your shoulders are forced to lift the weights separately. Your shoulders will benefit even more since those muscles tend to work harder to gain stability, which improves your shoulder health.

Focus On Your Feet

Though it may be surprising to some, the position of your legs will affect the way you bench press. It is advised to make sure that your legs are placed with even spacing between them and should be lined up evenly with each other. If you fail to line your legs equally while lifting, you will end up straining one of your sides more than the other.


Though bench pressing is considered safe and easy to learn, you should always take caution while benching since a small mistaking like positioning your body in the wrong way or using the wrong grip may lead to an accident. Always consult a professional in the field before starting new exercise routines.

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