Social Media A Major Cause Of Anxiety!

Do you feel anxious while scrolling on Facebook or Instagram? Believe it or not, but it’s a real disorder. It’s is similar to social anxiety disorder. It seems like as we advance with technology, we are developing our anxieties too.

People are having a social media accounts mostly don’t get anxious when they don’t get access to notifications, while those suffering from social media anxiety disorder do for which you can take order Xanax online in the USA.

Here are few common signs of social media anxiety disorder:

  • Losing interest in other things
  • Disconnecting from friends and family
  • Interrupting conversations to check your notifications
  • Lying about the time you spend on social accounts
  • Neglecting work or studies to scroll up WhatsApp or Facebook
  • Witnessing withdrawal signs when you are not able to use social media
  • Spending more than 6 hours every day on these sites
  • You feel an urgency to share your activities with others on social media
  • Devious anxiety attacks when you can’t get access to social media
  • Negative impacts on personal and professional life because of social media

Above all, around 30% of social media users spend more than 15 hours a week on social media. This reduces the chances for you to enjoy and cherish real life. Your work, relationships, and studies also get affected, and if you are spending hours on social accounts, you are not going to have time for your work, education or be with loved ones. You may be suffering from social media anxiety disorder for which use and order Xanax online in the USA and has an impact on your health both physically and mentally.

Physical Risks of Social Media Addiction

Illness like eye strain, neck pain lower back pain can occur because of spending too much time online, use tramadol for sale in USA. Moreover, the awkward positions we talk while sitting and communicating with people on social networking sites can cause physical illnesses like obesity, heart disease. You may also be prone to strokes and other types of cancers.

Mental Health Problems due to Social Media Addiction

Experts are in a view that using social media obsessively leads to more than just anxiety. Research has found that internet leads to depressions, hyperactivity disorder, and impulsive disorder, mental issues for which you may use order Xanax online in the USA, paranoia, and feeling of loneliness. It’s more than just peer pressure; it’s also about comparing your lives with others. Most of the people see a post on social sites about an excellent job, happy family and a lovely home and feel happy for you; on the contrary, others feel depressed and feel suicidal about their life.

What You Can Do

Firstly you need to realize that that great stuff posted on social sites spend a healthy life but posts great stuff on social sites. If your life doesn’t resemble the awesome pictures you see on social sites, it’s not going to get any better sitting a scrolling them. You need to open your eyes and enjoy real life. If you are having issues and anxiety share it with someone and seek help. Talk to a therapist or counselor and use medication like order along with it.

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