Some common questions posed in relation to due date calculator.

With the aid of pregnancy week by week due date calculator you arrive at the estimated date of delivery. There are a couple of methods you can use to arrive at this date, one is by the conception date and the other would be the last date of your menstrual period. In the case of the latter, just go on to add 40 weeks to the last date of your menstrual period. In the method of conception, and it would mean the date you will conceive a child. A woman needs to be aware of the ovulation date along with the date of conception. This is from 38 weeks from the date of conception.

It does become difficult to calculate the conception date and for this reason the last menstrual method is calculated.  You need to be aware that the pregnancy due date calculator weeks and days is a mere estimation and the actual date could differ considerably. No exact way can be figured out on when you have ovulated and then conceived. For this reason health professionals do prefer the LMP method. In order to arrive at the pregnancy weeks with this form of calculation just consider the last date of your last menstrual period.

Would you calculate your due date based on the date of your intercourse?

The human sperm can reside in the female body for 5 days. For example in case if you had sex on Sunday the chances of conception does appear to occur till Thursday. In order to arrive at the date of conception you would need to add a couple of days to your intercourse. This is not an actual figure but you can arrive at an estimated date.

The definition of due month

The due date is the precise time when you can expect the baby to arrive. An interesting piece of statistics reveals some facts. Only 4 % of the baby arrive at the estimated due date and the rest would be before or after 2 weeks of your estimated due date.

In order to arrive at the due date, you need to deduct 2 weeks from the date of delivery and then add a couple of weeks to the expected date of delivery. This time frame would be the exact due date.

Is it possible that the due date will change?

Yes the due dates are subject to change. In case if you happen to have irregular periods they are going to change. There is not going to be any confirmation on your pregnancy as ultrasound would not be possible in case if you are facing issues of irregular periods.

To conclude the due date would just be an estimation and you cannot rely on it completely. It stands no way in comparison to a medical consultation. So if you are facing any issues with your birthing schedule it does make sense to get in touch with a doctor. They will guide you in a better way.

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