Top Healing Centers You Need To Visit in Peru

If you face the cognitive state in life, your life gets stagnant. To get through in life with ease you need a proper balance of mind and body. There is a saying that a sound soul belongs to a sound body.

Healing centers from all over the world will take you through a path on which one can easily get through in life. Healing center in Peru offers exotic experiences to your healing treatment. Peru has been a haven for spiritual pilgrims, who want to experience life beyond their knowing. So there has been a lot of healing centers setting up in Peru for a long time.

Here is the list of top healing centers in Peru:

Spiritual healing centers are based on an ayahuasca healing retreat. It is the traditional way of cleansing the body and mind. The list of top ayahuasca healing retreat centers are as follows,

  1. The healing house:

One cannot beat the location of the healing house in San blas. The healing house is like a family home. It embraces you with open arms. Their teachers offer classes throughout the day. Basically, they provide yoga, sound healing, reiki, etc.

It is inspired to do the process of joyful awakening of consciousness for the well being of everyone. They help people to realize their true potential through creativity, yoga, music, etc.

  1. La Luna del amazons:

The ayahuasca ceremony tradition comes from the Amazon rainforest, exactly where la Luna del Amazonas is located. It takes an hour of boat ride from the city Iquitos. The retreat has shamans with more than 40 years of experience.

In their temple surrounded by Amazon rain forest, they organize those ayahuasca ceremonies. The manager here helps accommodate guests with anything they may need. They also offer excursions along the Amazon river.

  1. Selva Madre:

Selva Madre is located in peruvian jungle. They offer ayahuasca retreat to heal body and mind. They have the proper infrastructure to felicitate all the programmes. Their vision is to prove lifetime change in spiritual awakening.

Some of their ayahuasca retreats offer more than five ceremonies a week. They are devoted to the process of offering best spiritual experience and expansion of one’s consciousness and initiation of spiritual awakening.

  1. Etnikas:

In this retreat, you will get to experience a mixture of Incan and Christian elements. They offer ayahuasca retreats at least by two different shamans with profound knowledge.

They offer intensive ayahuasca healing retreats.they provide medical health team consisting doctors form every area. They offer Pachamama or mother earth these ancient healing ceremonies.

  1. yoga mandala:

Yoga mandala offers Andean tradition and philosophy. In their retreat you will be led in ceremonies and rituals that overpass the physical and spiritual world. You can feel the relaxed atmosphere around you. You will feel the loving vibe created by the shaman. They offer daily yoga classes for all levels.


If you are planning to visit a healing center, spiritual one offers the best method through which you can gain access to your true potential. The list above contains the spiritual healing centers. So every time you get confused visit one of these places. Peru has the best traditional healing centers available. Once in a lifetime if you go there it will be a lifetime experience for you.

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