Use and side effects of Fioricet

When it comes to fioricet medicine then it is a kind of a combination medication which is mainly prescribed in order to reduce tension headaches. Acetaminophen can help when one is suffering from headache and caffeine can also help to increase the effects of it.

One can intake fioricet capsules orally and that too with or without food as directed by the doctors. It has to be taken at an interval of every 4 hours till the pain is not reduced entirely. When one is taking the liquid form of this medicine then they also need to carefully measure the dose of it and then take it as it has been prescribed by the doctor.

How much will be the dosage of the medicine completely depends on the medical condition of the patient along with their age and the severity of the headache they are suffering from. Sometimes sudden stopping of this medication intake can lead to some withdrawal symptoms as well like mood changes, nausea, vomiting and more. They can also lead to seizures which are totally uncalled for. Hence one must not stop taking the medicine all of a sudden. They have to lower the dose gradually before stopping it completely.

A few people can get addicted to this medicine as well. This addiction can lead to other health issues as well. So one needs to intake the medicine at the right dosage just as mentioned by the doctor; not more or less than that. One also needs to tell their doctor if the headache does not reduced its severity even after taking this medicine for 2 weeks. Also one must not take more of this medicine if it is not recommended. If it does not work then the doctor can also change the dosage of this medicine or can change the medication to a different one.

But when one is taking this medicine there can be a few side effects as well. Though very few people suffer from them but they are still there. The most common side effects are vomiting, nausea, constipation, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, dry mouth, increased urination, laziness or trouble in sleeping. If any of these happens on a severe basis and if that worsens then one must immediately seek medical help.

But in order to reduce lightheadedness and dizziness one must take good 8 hours of every sleep every night when they are under medication. But if that does not work and one faces serious side effects like fainting and mood changes then they must ask a doctor for a solution.

There is a very rare side effect but one can also suffer from severe allergic reactions after taking this medicine. Fioricet medicine though is almost safe but this is a very rare condition that can happen. One needs to get medical help right away if that occurs. If that is not done then there can be severe dizziness and trouble in breathing as well.

Hence one needs to take this medicine as per dose and check whether they are getting benefits from it.

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