Where can I get an STD test done for free?

If you have been a little less concerned until now about your sexual health and decided that you will seriously take care of your health this year. Then congratulations, it is never late to develop good health habits. But if you are unsure about how and where to begin. These 5 places are a good start for getting STD tested at free of cost.

CDC suggests the guidelines that one should get screened at least once a year and it is most recommended to get tested after any kind of fluid bonding with any new partner. Most of the infections are not identified in the early stages so right away we can’t know if something is wrong or not. The below mentioned are the places where you can get tested for STD at free of cost.

1. Planned Parenthood: They receive funding from the government so they are able to offer free or low-cost STD testing for specific people, especially those whose income is below the poverty line. People who have Medicaid are totally eligible for free STD test at all locations of Planned Parenthood. This organization also accepts insurance. Check out their website for more detailed information https://www.plannedparenthood.org.

They conduct the tests in many different ways, mainly through Physical exams or using blood, urine and swab samples. Planned Parenthood tests a huge variety of infections that are sexually transmitted. The common STD’s are tested here for free.

2. Non-Profit Organization: There are lots of Non-Profit Organization’s clinics where they offer STD tests and many other tests for free. Many areas have local health clinics, these clinics are run by LGBTQ programs. Non-Profit Organizations receive funds from federal grants, different kind of donations, fundraising, etc.

3. Colleges and Universities: Many institutions of higher education offer low-cost STD testing. Many academic institutions provide services and have all the resources for suggesting to students about getting STD tested as early as possible. Tests offered for free from university comprises of HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, etc. For other kinds of STD tests, you might be directed to local health departments for further testing.

4. Local Health Department: A department of health resides in every state with federal funding kept aside for STD screenings. If there is no Planned Parenthood or Non-Profit organization nearby then search for health departments.

5. Independent Local Clinics: For free screening of STD the best option is local clinics. You can also have a look at National Association of free and charitable clinics for more facilities in your area.

These were some places where you can get free STD testing done without paying any upfront fees or charges.

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