DIY Ideas to Paint Your Home

Do you want to paint your own home?? Want to give a personal touch to your dear home?? Are you a good painter and want to explore ideas for painting your home?? This is the right place to be! You can paint your home in an awesome fresh look by your own hands. You just need to explore these ideas and tips to make your home unique and special. Painting your home is a onetime task and you don’t want it every year. So, this time give your time to make your home special and also sharing some feelings while having fun painting your own home. These following are the ideas and tips you should read before you paint to have a clearer picture of painting your house.

Choice of paints:

Choose the quantity and quality according to your needs don’t spend too much on paints buy good quality paints in adequate amount. The paints also have a large variety to choose from taking references and learn about which paint is used on which wall. Choose your exterior paints and interior paints carefully. Exterior paints should be protective in nature. Interior paints should contain less VOC content. Waterproof or washable paints are best as they can be washed by wet cloth to make the wall stain free. Otherwise, the stains on walls don’t go off easily and sometimes required reapplication.

Use of proper brushes and rollers:

Purchase small as a well big roller with trays to have a clear finish. Brushing should be done if you know how to brush and eliminate every brush mark possible. A small area will require small brushes and rollers so don’t work with big rollers there as it will waste the paint and wall otherwise. Trays should also be purchased among rollers to avoid spills. Use thinner to clean your brushes and rollers. Don’t let the paint dry over brushes as it is difficult to remove paints afterwards and also makes the brush dry. Take help from the family and friends. Know the techniques of a painting by online tutorials and by reading books before you paint. Take commercial painting companies in account to know all about painting your home. Use tapes to cover up the extra area.

Cover the rest:

This is the main thing to do before you paint. Take all your things and pack or wrap them in newspapers or boxes. Move all the things to a room and after the whole home is finished then work on that room. Room wise painting should be done. Let the paint dry for 2-3 days to eliminate all the fumes from new paint.

Mixing of paints:

Paints should be applied in coats or steps. First is the base layer after those coatings are done for making the colour and paint last for a long time. You have to apply primer, mix with weatherproofing materials to avoid watermarks over walls. So take proper knowledge before you apply the coats. Take the help of a professional painter to get exact information about painting your home.

Use imagination:

Use your imagination to make your walls unique, create designs, art whatever you want to do with paints and make your home unique in every way.

While DIY painting is great fun, it is always better to hire a professional interior painting services to paint your surfaces. The professionals do a wonderful job in creating the best impressions and protecting your walls against any decay.

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