Facts About Travertine Cleaning

Travertine stones are the most popular choice used for the flooring, countertops, and showers.  The density of the stone is not similar with that of granite in terms of density or hardness. Just as marble, the travertine also gets stained and etched from the acidic liquids such as coffee, juice etc along with the regular use of harsh cleaners. Therefore, careful measures are needed in case of travertine cleaning.

Points to be taken care during the Cleaning

  • The travertine tiles are more sensitive if compared with that of the granite. It is highly sensitive to the acidic substances like that of wine, juice, coffee sodas etc which results in the formation of etching. This formation dulls the texture of the tiles. For the removal of such stains, it is recommended to blot up the spills immediately which would stop etching on the surface.
  • It is recommended to use only sponges or clean soft cloth for the cleaning process. The only cleaning agent in the process of travertine cleaning which needs to be used on a regular basis is the hot water. Hot water helps to wipe up the crumbs and the small messes. A general stone cleaning on a daily basis is enough to keep it clean and elegant.
  • One can even use coasters under all the glasses, bottles and cans. This would reduce the acidic reaction of the sodas or the drinks and reduce the possibility of etching. This also reduces the chances of surface damage caused by the ‘glass ring.’
  • Using the tray is also considered as a good option for the toiletry products in the bathroom. This would protect the surface from getting stained or damaged by the chemicals in the toiletry products.
  • One should dust the travertine floor tiles on a regular basis. It is recommended to use clean, dry, non- treated dust mops. Vacuum cleaners are also a good alternative to the mops. The regular mopping or cleaning shall clear off the worn parts and thereby clean the floor surface.

Things to avoid during the Cleaning

  • One should never use generic and store-bought cleaning products. Cleaning the surface with these products results in the formation of etching and damage to the countertop of the tile surface.
  • The usage of vinegar, lemon or any citrus fruits is totally avoided. Only sponges with hot water and stone cleaner are the best agents to be used for the Travertine Cleaning.

It is also recommended not to use generic bathrooms, tub tiles as the soft creams contain abrasives that scratch and dulls away from the surface.

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