How to Take Care of Water Heaters for Longer Life

A water heater is one of the most used appliances in your home. You have to use it every day, and therefore, it needs special care as well. When an appliance is being used constantly, it involves a lot of wear and damage. And since water heaters are too much costly to repair, therefore, you need to take care of it at regular intervals, before it starts showing any kind wear and tear. The following are some of the most important ways by which you can take care of your water heater Miami, and thus make it last longer.

Performing a Flush

Flushing your heater is indeed the most common way of maintenance. By doing a simple flush, all the previous deposits of minerals will be removed from the tank. One can also do this on their own as well if required. But, if you’re not comfortable doing on your own, you can just hire a local plumber to do it for you. Steps to perform a flush for your water heater Miami:

Power off your electric water heater.

Cut off the water supply.

Drain the tank’s water, by opening the drain valve.

Put the drain valve on again.

Power on your heater.

Doing Maintenance in Regular Fashion

If you want your water heater Miami to be at its peak potential all the time, doing maintenance once a year is at least compulsory. It can be either done by you or your plumber. Some maintenance tips are as follows:

Leak repairing.

Tank Cleaning.

Inspection of the tank.

Thermostat adjusting.

Regulation of the Temperature

Regulation of the temperature of your heater is very important so that the water stays hot for longer periods of time. If the heater is a gas unit, then you should keep the temperature at around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the degrees are not inscribed, you can turn your valve ¼ past the warm settings. For electric ones, you should also set it to 120 degrees, and maybe 5-10 degrees higher, depending upon your usage.


Maintenance of your water heater is very much necessary to let you heater work for longer periods of time, without any problems. It will also help you to avoid any kind of costly repairs being done to your water heater too. Therefore, with the use of these above simple tips and tricks, you can easily make sure that the potential working condition of your water heater remains intact.

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