Stepwise Guide on Marble Floor Restoration

Marble has always been a treasure. They look extremely attractive because of its bright and reflective surface. It has a high durability but at the same time also needs extensive maintenance to retain its highly lustrous surface. Thus marble floor restoration is very essential for retaining that shine. There are many products and techniques which can be used for such purposes:

  • Polishing by hand

Many conventional cleaners recommend marble restoration and cleaning by hand especially those which are too delicate to handle. It depends on the type of marble which has been installed. Soap and water are enough for the maintenance of the natural marble. The mild soap water can be rubbed on the surface with the help of a sponge. For polishing, baking soda can be used. It is then left for 5 hours and then wiped off with a wet cloth.

This technique of marble floor restoration is only possible only when the marble is new and the stains are light and can be removed easily.

  • Polishing machine

Marble restoration can also be done with the help of polishing. Polishing is mostly done with the help of various kinds of equipment and sand pads. First of all, the surface is wiped off with mild soap water and then it is rubbed by sandpaper. The process can be repeated if required. A microfiber polishing pad can be used after this process and then finally dust off the entire surface.

  • Restoration of the luster

Marble when loses its luster looks extremely dull and unattractive and simple wiping off the floor won’t just work at many times. The ultimate way for marble floor restoration to bring back the shine is to use high friction diamond which is generally done with the expert and skilled help. You can also contact many services and agencies who are up for these tasks. This is generally the last step in the restoration process.

  • Sealing

The previous step is generally the last step but at times for extra shine and longevity sealing is also done on the marble floors. This should be done at least once a year for maintaining the luster.

Marble floors can mostly be seen in high-end upscale homes. There are many other types of flooring which are preferred nowadays and they are also maintained in a similar process. Some of the popular floorings are; granite floor, natural stone, concrete floor, artificial flooring, etc.

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