Varieties of kitchen sink in the market

We all know that kitchen is the busiest corner of any house. There are a lot of activities that are happening in the kitchen on an everyday basis. And so, when it comes to kitchen fixtures, the kitchen sink is the most important thing that one needs in a kitchen.

A kitchen sink is and has to be a very essential element for every individual. It is a top priority material in a kitchen because the prior activities of food preparation (cleaning up the vegetables and meats) are done here along with the after activities like washing up the utensils. So, when one is buying a kitchen sink, they have to be very attentive because it is an important buy and the sink has to be very functional. At the same time it has to match the kitchen style.

Here are some major materials from which regular kitchen sinks are made of and one can choose from them:

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Steel kitchen sinks are the most popular ones that are used in the Indian kitchens. This stainless steel kitchen sinks are not only affordable but they are also very easy to clean and sturdy. They do not get scratched easily and they fit really well in most of the countertop settings. They are also available in a lot of sizes and shapes.

Granite Kitchen Sinks
These sinks are very easy to maintain and they can tolerate really high temperature. One can install them in their kitchen because they are durable and easy to clean. They are stain and scratch resistant and one can find them both in single and double bowl option in the market.

Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks

As the name suggests, these kitchen sinks are totally made from cast irons and there are actually layers of porcelain enamels over the iron. The cast iron kitchen sinks are very easy to clean and they have a very glossy and smooth finish which can help in hiding streaks and spots.

Fireclay Kitchen Sinks

They are almost similar to cast iron sinks and they are very much durable. These are mainly made from shaping ceramic clay and they are dried in a high temperature. Once it is dried they are coated with enamels and then they are cooked in a kiln. These fireclay kitchen sinks are said to be the most expensive ones than the other varieties of sinks and this is purely because of visual aesthetics.

Composite Kitchen Sinks

They are mainly made from mixed materials and mostly granite and quartz particles are used there along with some polyester and acrylic so that it can form a hard surface. There are some composite kitchen sinks that have very smooth surfaces and the other ones have a slightly rough texture. But they are scratch and stain resistant as well.

 Concrete Kitchen Sink

They are very much stylish and they are heavy and custom made, the pre cast concrete sinks are also available in the market.

One can buy kitchen sink online and there are many varieties available there too.

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