What Are The Standard Charges for Microwave Repair?

We all love our electronic items a lot. If you are asked to spend a day without the washing machine, refrigerator, TV, dishwasher, and most importantly, microwave, it might ultimately frustrate to manage the daily chores. 

It is not because we cannot manage without these electronics, but solely we depend on them for ease, comfort, and above all, to save our time to invest in more usefulness. 

Microwave is just a magic kitchen utilisation that handles almost 60 percent of our daily cooking and heating. At the same time, it saves our highly expensive LPG too. 

Now, what if your microwave suddenly goes off? Just check if the device gets the proper supply and basic working instructions. If after checking all the to-do list, your microwave remains in the still condition, it’s time for a Microwave Repair. 

Now, some might find it helpful, while others might not rely on it and consider it as an unnecessary expense. Well, the first thing is getting an oven repair is highly cost-effective. There are usually no significant issues in the oven, and a professional repair can get it back to normal working condition. 

It is certainly a better option over repair if it is in a repairable condition. 

If you are worried about the repair cost, here is the guide indicating nominal prices for a Microwave Repair.

Do Not Pay More for Your Microwave Repair; Know the Reasonable Prices

The appliance repair cost depends on several factors. Let us consider a few of the essential aspects:

  • The type of electronic item that is, microwave, fridge, washing machine, etc
  • Fault in your product
  • Cause of the failure of your device
  • Location of the repair ( the cost might vary depending on your state for living, and also the locality)
  • Does the Microwave Repair requires replacement of any part, or it has a minor technical issue
  • The brand image of the service provider
  • Competition amongst the service providers in your area

Now, it is just the primary criterion for determining the repair cost of an appliance. If you are from Patchogue NY, here is the complete cost guide for you. 

An Approximate Microwave Repair Charges Guide for NY:

The first thing to discuss is the criteria for determining the repair charges. Thus, the appliance repair charges are based on three factors:

  • Parts
  • Labour
  • Servicing Cost

It is the service charges for the parts repair is always lower than the replacement of the parts of your microwave. Thus, the first deciding factor for the cost of your microwave is the brand of your microwave and the price of the particular part that requires a change. Sometimes, for a minor cost-cutting people go to replace the original faulty part with a duplicate piece, well it is not at all recommended. It may cause further damage to the oven that might not be fixed later. 

Now, coming to the factor that differs from area to area, but does not fluctuate much, it is the labour. The labour cost is usually charged on an hourly basis for a microwave repair or any other appliance repair. In NY, the hourly labour rates are between $100 and $250. Now, you can save enough on the appliance repair labour cost, depending on:

  • Choosing a nearby labour
  • Contacting your neighbour if they require any appliance repair (one can avail significant discounts on obtaining multiple services compared to a single function)

Sometimes, if the repair is not time-consuming, then the service person might not charge depending on time, but they always charge a flat rate. A standard price for the service which requires less than an hour for the repair is anywhere between 100 and 200 dollars. 

Last, but not least, the convenience charges of the Microwave Repair service provider. Some service providers may give you a final quote of repair, including their visiting costs, while others take visiting prices separately. Therefore, if you take your device to the workshop for repair, then the value of repair can be a bit less for you.


It is always good to seek the Microwave Repair services over the replacement, until and unless the cost of the part to be replaced is less. If the value of the replaceable part is too high, it is suggested to give up on the appliance, and it’s time for a new purchase.

However, if the overall service cost is far less than the new product cost (which is right for 90 percent of the cases), then prefer for the repair only. Make sure you pay the service charges appropriately. If you are in some other state, other than NY, then the costs might vary a bit than stated above. You can always get an idea about the standard charges, by comparing the price of a few of the best Microwave Repair Service Provider near you. 

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